Facttechz | Biography | Income | Real Name | Age

Facttechz | Biography | Income | Real Name | Age

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Facttechz | Biography | Income | Real Name | Age

Those who want to know facts around the world are always eager to get the knowledge and the theory behind the facts.

But finding facts and researching about a particular topic and thing is a hard and time-consuming process.

Now, with Youtube Mini, your search for getting to know about a fact will end here because we will introduce you to Facttechz who provide all the data within detail researched content only for you.

In a simple and understandable language.

So, let’s get started.

Facttechz | Biography | Income | Real Name | Age

Rajesh kumar facttechz
Youtube channel nameFacttechz (Rajesh kumar facttechz)
Subscribers17.2 Million Subscribers
Started inJul 24, 2016
Real NameRajesh Kumar
Age21 Years (April 1, 2000)
CarBlue BMW
BikeRoyal Enfield classic 350
Lives in (Facttechz is from which state)West Bengal
Youtube income (FactTechz youtube income per month ) (Facttechz income)$9k – $141.1k per month (According to the social blade) (Minimum 6 Lakh rupees per month)
Email Addressbodymindlink354@gmail.com
Instagram FactTechz Instagram (Rajesh kumar facttechz instagram)
Facebook FactTechz Facebook
Twitter FactTechz Twitter

Who is Facttehz?

Facttehz aka Rajesh Kumar who is the owner of Facttechz youtube channel who lives in a small town of West Bengal had started his youtube journey at the age of 16 years on July 24, 2016, where nobody knows him but his interest to know facts and science about things and topics made him now reach 17.2 million subscribers on youtube.

It took 5 years for him to reach this milestone and not only that if you read the comments on his videos you will get to see that many subscribers and viewers consider him as an inspiration.

And his channel is one of the first channels that gained 1 million subscribers in 365 days. (16 June 2017)

Also, Facttehz is the 7th Non-Corporate Indian YouTube channel to cross 10 million subscribers.

He researches all of his content write the script and do the voice over on his channel not only that earlier he used to do the voice-over videos but many channels got banned or deleted suddenly after youtube changes in policy.

Big channels had faced many issues because nobody knows him by face so then he started showing his face in his videos.

And he now had 2 video editors in his team.

Which is the official Facttehz website?

The official Facttehz website is: http://facttechz.com/ which is currently parked in Godaddy and the website isn’t live yet.

What is Facttechz ultimate brain booster? | Facttechz app

The Facttechz ultimate brain booster is an app in which you will get Binaural Beats which is a type of soothing and calming music that help you to get relaxed and calm your mind.

It also helps you to focus on work and meditate.

The app is having more than 1 lakh downloads and more than 25k positive reviews.

Which is the Facttechz first video?

The Facttechz first video is about the earth which is titled as- धरती के बारे में 5 तथ्य | 5 Amazing Facts About The Planet Earth

How to make videos like FactTechz?

To make videos like FactTechz you need to have:

  • A video editing software (Either on mobile or on laptop)
  • Non copyright images and videos
  • Non copyright musics for the background
  • Deep reasearch about facts

After you had all these 4 things then you have to either voice over or record yourself telling the facts and adjust the video clips and the radio clips in the background line by line.

Or you can hire a video editor to edit your videos.

From where Facttechz get facts?

To get facts for the youtube channel there could be multiple sources (but you will only get facts then you have to do your own research):

  • Instagram channels who talk only about facts
  • Multiple websites are there who provide infomration related to facts
  • Trending topics (Here you need to do the work to know which fact is true and which one is false)
  • Apps on playstore about facts


So, this is all for the Facttechz | Biography | Income | Real Name | Age.

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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