▷ Top 11 Expensive Things Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil


We all know that youtubers earns a lot of money from youtube but at the same time we also wanted to know what are the expensive things they own.

But due to a lack of information on youtube as well as on the web we weren’t able to find out what are those expensive things.

Not anymore because in this article we will tell you the Expensive Things Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil in detail.

So, let’s get started.

▷ Top 11 Expensive Things Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil

Expensive Things Prices
1. Tiger Triumph XCA 15 lakhs INR
2. BMW R 1250 22 Lakhs INR
3. AUDI A4 46 Lakhs INR
4. AUDI Q7 More than 40 Lakhs
5. Hiranandani flat 1 Crore +
6. Hyundai venue 11 Lakhs INR
7. All Shoes More than 1 Lakh
8. All Cameras 6 Lakhs INR
9. Laptops More than 2 Lakhs
10. Drones More Than 2 Lakhs
11. Mobile Phones More than 3 Lakhs

Wanted to know about the expensive things owned by mumbiker nikhil then you are at the right place because in this article we will tell you all in detail.

Here are the 11 expensive things owned by mumbiker nikhil:

1. Triumph Tiger XCA

This bike is being purchased by Mumbiker Nikhil from one of his friends for 15 lakhs and it’s not a first-hand bike it’s a second-hand bike.

2. BMW R1250

This bike is being purchased in the year 2021 where his mom has given him the gift of his birthday.

And the price of the bike is more than 20 lakhs INR.

3. Audi A4

Audi A4 is being bought by mumbiker nikhil in 2020 where he was bought it second hand but after some point of time, he wasn’t driving the car so her mom told him to sell the car.

And he sold his car to one of his friends at a good price and the price of the car is 46 lakhs INR.

4. Audi Q7

This is one of the latest cars which is being purchased by mumbiker nikhil in 2021 where this time also he had bought it second hand at a good price.

And the price of the car is between 40- 50 lakhs.

5. Hiranandani flat

Before being married to his Girlfriend Shancie mumbiker nikhil wanted to buy a house.

So, as we all knew they had lot’s of property around Mumbai so recently they sold one of their shop in Mumbai and bought the Hiranandani flat.

And the price of the flat is more than 1 crore.

6. Hyundai Venue

This car is purchased by mumbiker nikhil for his mother because they had only one car and when mumbiker nikhil wasn’t there her mother can’t able to travel long distances.

So, he bought a small car for his mother to let her go around Mumbai for his work.

And the price of the car is 11 lakhs.

7. Shoe collection

When you look into mumbiker nikhil shoe collection you will get to know that there are many expensive shoes of Nike, Jordans and many more which are being purchased from foreign countries.

And if we calculate the price of all those shoes then it will be more than 1 lakh.

8. All cameras

As a Vlogger, there are times where you need to upgrade yourself as well as your camera gear.

So, mumbiker nikhil is one of the vloggers who had this much expensive vlogging equipment.

And the worth of one camera is 3 lakhs and if we calculate all the cameras prices it crosses more than 6 lakhs.

9. Laptops

As a vlogger you need to edit the vlogs such that they will look interesting to the audience and because of very high-quality footage, he needs a heavy-duty laptop.

Which can only be an apple laptop and even being apple he upgrades the laptop every 2 years.

And the price of the laptops were more than 2 lakhs.

10. Drones

Mumbiker nikhil is the only one who had started drone shots in India and that’s where the interest in drones had come into his life.

And one of the earliest drones of his vlogging career is been given by one of his close friends with whom he had done business.

The other recent one is been given by his wife.

And they are all worth more than 2 lakhs.

11. Mobile phones

If you don’t know that now mumbiker nikhil got plenty of mobile phones from brands for the promotion of it and many of them were gifts either it’s an apple phone or Android phone.

And he changes it every year.

The cost of his mobile is more than 2 lakhs.


So, this is all for ▷ Top 11 Expensive Things Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil.

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