▷ Top 5 Expensive Bikes Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil

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▷ Top 5 Expensive Bikes Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil

Expensive ThingsPrices
1. Tiger Triumph XCA15 lakhs INR
2. BMW R 125022 Lakhs INR
3. KTM Duke 390 (First Sports bike)Approx 3 lakhs
4. Bajaj Avenger (First Bike)Approx 1.5 lakh
5. Suzuki AccessApprox 1 lakh

Here is the detailed explanation of the Top 5 Expensive Bikes Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil:

1. Triumph Tiger XCA

mumbiker nikhil tiger

This is one of the first expensive purchases which mumbiker Nikhil had made which is Rs.15 lakh for a second-hand bike from one of his friends.

2. BMW R 1250

mumbiker nikhil bmw bike

This bike is been gifted by mumbiker Nikhil mother on his birthday, mumbiker Nikhil wanted this bike for so long but didn’t purchase it because he had invested the money somewhere else after Shobhit Sharma had bought this bike then his mom got to know that he want this bike and then her mom gifted him this bike.

3. KTM Duke 390

mumbiker nikhil duke 390

This is one of the first sports bikes of mumbiker nikhil where he started his vlogging journey on his bikes by travelling and moto vlogging.

But later on when he didn’t drive this bike much he had sold his bike to one guy who used to live in his building.

4. Bajaj Avenger

mumbiker nikhil avenger bike

This is the first bike which he got from his father and he had a lot of memories of this bike that’s the only reason why he didn’t sell his bike yet.

5. Suzuki Access

mumbiker nikhil scooty

This is one of the most used bikes or mopeds of mumbiker nikhil because in Mumbai there is a lot of traffic and you can’t drive big bikes or expensive bikes on the roads of Mumbai in a lot of traffic.

That’s the reason why this is one of the most used bikes of mumbiker nikhil.


So, this is all for ▷ Top 5 Expensive Bikes Owned By Mumbiker Nikhil.

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