Doing Occasional Giveaways Increase YouTube Subscribers?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Doing Occasional Giveaways Increase YouTube Subscribers?

We have seen many YouTubers who were giving away many expensive electronic items to their subscribers for free.

But we can’t understand that how giving away free to the subscribers will really help them?

So, in this article, we will be talking about how Doing Occasional Giveaways Increase YouTube Subscribers?

Let’s get started.

Doing Occasional Giveaways Increase YouTube Subscribers?

There are YouTubers on Youtube who were giving away electronic items or some expensive gifts to their subscribers.

But we all only know that either those gadgets or expensive gifts were given by some company or brands.

That’s all we know about the giveaway.

But we don’t know the actual strategy behind why giveaway is happening.

When YouTubers do give away now in 2021 either they were get associated with a brand or they were giving away something which they got for free.

In this giveaway, if they were associated with a brand then the brand is paying them to promote the brand, and not only that if subscribers were using the brand then it’s brand promotion at the same time there are some criteria to participate in the giveaway like follow me on all social media or either to subscribe this channel or comment down in this video and many more were there so in all these ways the only 2 people were getting benefited one is the brand if any and another is the youtube who is getting engagement and more subscribers. So, yes doing occasional giveaways increase youtube subscribers.

For example:

In the recent time when Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhry done a giveaway of Rs.1 crore gold iPhone and you will not imagine how many views he got is insane.

Let me share a screenshot with you.

Doing Occasional Giveaways Increase YouTube Subscribers?

In this video, he got 1.6 million views and lakhs of comments, and not only that it was only done because to promote technical guruji’s new shorts channel.

So, in just 1 day he had crossed 200k subscribers with this technique, and not only that because of this people had subscribed to technical guruji main channel.

Which indirectly increased the subscribers of both channels.

Earlier also it has happened when technical guruji had done massive giveaways which had not only increased his subscribers but also his social media following.

Now, here comes a question that I don’t have that much money and I can’t do these massive giveaways so what I can do?

There’s no rule that you should also do massive giveaways which will increase your subscribers and followings over social media.

If you are having the fewer amount of subscribers then you should do giveaways every 6 months which you can afford.

Such that there will be a bond between your subscribers and you will slowly and steadily grow your subscribers and following.


How many subscribers on YouTube should I ideally have to do my first giveaway?

To start to give away if you are already having other sources of income then do at 1000 subscribers but if you are having youtube as the only source of income then you should only do it after 10k subscribers.

Because if you aren’t earning anything then you will have to wait for some time because no brand will pay you when you are under 1000 subscribers.

Would a channel that only does giveaways be successful on YouTube?

No, if you are doing just giveaways then you will get maybe a good amount of following or subscribers but the engagement in your post or in videos will be less because those subscribers or followers were only come to get the price not to watching your videos either it may be on social media or on youtube.


So, this is all for Doing Occasional Giveaways Increase YouTube Subscribers?

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