Does YouTube announce a $100 million fund for short video creators?

youtube shorts funds

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Does YouTube announce a $100 million fund for short video creators?

Many of us know about youtube shorts now in 2021.

And we have written a detailed article on Youtube shorts you can read that.

But the amazing part is that not many people know that couple of months back youtube had announced that they will be giving money to shorts that were performing well.

So, in this article, we will let you know all about youtube shorts $100 million dollar funds.

Let’s get started.

Does YouTube announce a $100 million fund for short video creators?

Yes, youtube had announced $100 million dollar funds for youtube shorts creators which were creating shorts from the time it’s released in 2021.

Now here are the key takeaways that you should know about Youtube shorts $100 million dollar funds.

  • You can earn money from youtube shorts if your channel isn’t monetised.
  • Earning money from youtube shorts will not require 1k subscribres and 4k hours of watch time.
  • You can get amount of $100- $7000 from your youtube shorts per month based upon your performance.
  • Even if you had 10-15 videos in your channel but some of your videos have got millions of views then you can get money from youtube.

Now, we get to know that you will get the money without youtube monetisation if you create youtube shorts but there are other things which you need to know about youtube shorts funds.

What are the Eligibility criteria For youtube shorts funds?

The Eligibility criteria for youtube shorts funds were:

  • In the previous 6 months you have to make shorts videos that should be original not be copied (means it should be a copied content or clip of some other YouTuber or some movie or some social media platforms).
  • Your content shouldn’t be copyrighed content (means you should not use anything which can be claimed under copyright like songs, videos of other youtubers or music channels but the songs which were provided by the youtube were not considered under copyrighted content).
  • If you upload videos of other social media platforms and if it’s having some logo then it can’t be accepted for youtube shorts funds.

Now you got to know about the criteria which will be considered to give you the money.

But the next question arouse here will be this:

How youtube will give you the payment?

If you are regularly making shorts videos on youtube and if some of your videos were performing well then youtube will send you an email in your channel email id.

Does YouTube announce a $100 million fund for short video creators?

And you have to accept the “Claim bonus” from 1st -25th of that month if you do it after 25th day then your earnings of that month will lapse.

When you click on the claim bonus you have to link your adsense account and when you complete $100 in your adsense account then you will get the amount in your bank account.


So, this is all about Does YouTube announce a $100 million fund for short video creators?

If you want to know more about youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube mini.

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