Does it matter where views come from for YouTube videos to rank?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Does it matter where views come from for YouTube videos to rank?

So, you had made a video and then you got few views on your youtube videos but you want them to rank your youtube videos such that you can get more views consistently.

But ranking youtube videos depends upon a lot of factors and different traffic sources which were on youtube.

All these determine that how well your youtube videos will rank on youtube.

So, in this article, we will tell you all in detail about Does it matter where views come from for YouTube videos to rank?

Let’s get started.

Does it matter where views come from for YouTube videos to rank?

No, it doesn’t matter from where your views were coming from because for youtube only one thing matters which is how long your videos can make the user stay on youtube that’s the only goal of youtube and if your videos are able to do that then your videos can rank on youtube search for the targeted keywords.

Now you know that the sources of traffic to your videos don’t matter to rank your videos but there are other factors that can help you to rank on youtube.

When does a video get ranked on youtube?

A video on youtube rank on different keywords when your viewers were watching more than half of your videos (Watch time) it gives the signals that your videos are engaging viewers then youtube pushes the videos more on youtube and you will start getting more views which will eventually make your videos to rank on youtube search.

What are the traffic sources on youtube?

There are different traffic sources on youtube which are:

  • Youtube search
  • Suggested Traffic
  • Home page
  • Google Rankings
  • Trending page
  • End screen and cards
  • Shorts section

But it also depends upon where your traffic will come because if you are an education or how-to videos type channel then your majority of traffic will come from search traffic when users will search for your videos.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make your videos in suggested videos or any other mentioned above.

But if you are a channel that talks about trending topics then there are chances that your traffic will come from the trending and home page.

And if you are making shorts video then most of your traffic will come from the shorts section on youtube.

You can also read our detailed article on Youtube shorts.

So, it totally depends upon your videos from where your traffic will come on youtube.

What did the youtube algorithm want from a Youtube video?

Youtube main aim is to hook a user or engage a user on the youtube platform for as long as possible so if you have made a video that is able to engage a user on youtube for a long time then youtube will push the content to more users because youtube gets a signal that this video is more likely to get more engagement on youtube.

That’s the only reason why most of the entertainment niche content is having most of the views and subscribers.

How to rank your youtube videos fast?

To rank your youtube video on fast there are two ways:

1.Free method (Doing SEO of your video)

To learn about doing SEO and rank your video you can read this article which will tell you all about Youtube SEO.

And if you want to learn from Youtube experts then these 2 books can help to boost your channel growth and make you more knowledgeable about youtube.

2. Paid method (Google ads)

Now a day using google ads is the most effective way to get your youtube videos to reach more people and get more subscribers and rank your youtube videos.

If you had a budget of $20 per day for at least one month then you can get an enormous amount of views to your channel.

You will see the growth in subscribers and youtube and this is very helpful for creators who were starting their channel on youtube and youtube employees had already told in some of the videos that there’s no negative impact in using google ads.


Why do my YouTube videos keep ranking lower?

Videos are ranked lower because those videos either having lower views or watch time. Subscribers count doesn’t matter anymore on youtube you can get to see that youtube channels which were having 1k-2k subscribers were getting ranked because they were having watch time and views.

But sometimes it was also seen that user query also depends upon how high you will rank no matter of subscribers, views and watch time.

And also if some of your videos are ranking lower but people are clicking on your youtube video not other which were at the top then it increases CTR which make your video rank higher mostly it happens because of the attractive thumbanil.

Does YouTube do anything automatically to bring more views to less viewed videos?

Yes, youtube in the initial first 2-3 hours sends some suggestions of your videos to some people and if those people are watching or clicking on your videos then youtube gets the signal that this video is performing well on the platforms which make youtube suggesting the video to more people that’s why you need to make an attractive thumbnail.

For that, you can read our detailed and researched article on important factors of Thumbanils which will get you more views.


So, this is all for the Does it matter where views come from for YouTube videos to rank?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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