Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?

In this article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about a question Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?

And most of the bloggers wanted to know that which language to write in a blog.

Because not all the bloggers who are willing to start blogging were not comfortable writing in English.

And in India, most of us uses a mix of Hindi and English language in our day to day life.

But what about Google?

Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language (Hinglish blog)?

That’s the question which we are going to answer to all the bloggers.

So, let’s get started.

Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language? (Hinglish blog)

Most of us have this confusion of which language to write our blogs on.

Some youtubers will say that write only in English some will say write in regional languages.

But what if you can’t able to write in English and even in Hindi.

At the same time you know the Hinglish language which we were used to using daily on WhatsApp or any other social media.

So, here’s the question can we write in Hinglish languages.

And if we write the content in Hinglish will Google Adsense give approval to our website.

Then, here’s the answer.

Yes, Google Adsense (google adsense approved languages) give approval to that website which is having content in the Hinglish language.

Now, you will say that how do you have any proof?

Yes, I have proof of a website in which content is written in Hinglish language.

Here’s the Hinglish website (Hinglish blogs):

Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?

As you can see in the above image of one of his written content on the website.

You will say ok we got to know that Google adsense give approval to Hindi + English languages.

But what about traffic?

It totally depends upon how you write content and target keywords.

Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?

Let’s take an example of this particular blog it’s getting more than 29k visitors monthly.

And here’s the one thing which you need to know:

Where does google give search results for a search result either it’s in text form or in audio form?

It’s from a website or blog.

So, let me tell you that google voice search has started understanding the Hinglish language.

If you have any podcast which can solve user query then you can do market your website through podcasting.

And if you target those types of keywords which were question answers based on Hinglish language then you can get a huge amount of traffic to your website.

So, for the question Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language? the answer is quite clear.


1.Can a Gujarati-language blog be eligible for Google AdSense?

Yes, a Gujarati language blog is eligible for Google Adsense and you can get approval if your content isn’t translated from some other blogs or websites.

2. Which is the better language for blogging, Hindi English or Hinglish?

The language which you are comfortable writing either it’s English, Hindi or Hinglish you can choose any one of them a bit from an advertiser perspective till 2021 English is more preferable than any other language.

And not only that you need to understand your target audience where are they from if you are targeting a US audience and writing in Hindi or Hinglish then it will not work.

3. What is the Hinglish language? (what is Hinglish)

Hinglish is a language that is mostly used by Indians in their day to day life of messaging and social media where they convey their thoughts, feelings on social media or messaging through Hinglish language.

It’s a mixture of Hindi + English language where some things can be in English and some can be in Hindi.

4. Is Google AdSense ever going to allow Indian regional languages other than Hindi? (google adsense supported languages)

Yes, Google Adsense now allow regional languages other than Hindi because google knows that India is one of the most profitable countries because of a large number of users are there.

But not all people understand English or Hindi.

Every state has its own local language so that’s the only reason why Google has introduced recognition of all the local languages.

And if you write in local languages there are more chances to rank higher than any other blogs over there.

5. Is it profitable to create a Hinglish blog?

When it comes to profitability you need to understand from the advertiser perspective.

Most of the advertiser who runs ads on Google, Social media, youtube and other platforms were in English.

If your content is totally in Hindi then there might be few advertisers to run ads on Hindi.

But if you use both Hindi and English language in your blog the chances of ranking your blog on both the keywords were more.

See, it’s all about the traffic the more you get traffic the more profitable your blog will be because the chances of getting clicks would be more.

But in a blog that is made up of English content and has decent traffic can earn more than a Hindi or English blog.

How to write hinglish?

To write Hinglish it’s very easy because Hinglish is a language that Indians use in Everyday conversations. So it’s a messaging type of language which anyone can write. You need to write blogs in the same way which is Hindi + English and convey your message or information.

But one thing you need to take care of is that write the main focused keywords in the English language.


So, after knowing all the information about Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?

Which language will you write your blogs on?

Let me know in the comment box.

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Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?
Does AdSense really support the Hinglish language?