Do YouTubers get profit if you download the videos?


In today’s article of Youtube Mini we will be talking about Do YouTubers get profit if you download the videos?

Most of the beginner youtubers want to know that how to make money on youtube.

And this is one of the question that comes under that topic.

So, in this article we will give you a detail answer on Do YouTubers get profit if you download the videos?

Let’s get started.

Do YouTubers get profit if you download the videos?

First, we need to understand that when youtube will pay you, Youtube will pay you when your channel has completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time which is the monetisation criteria of youtube.

When you had completed that criteria then you can start getting a monetisation option in your videos where you can apply manual ads if your video is more than 10 minutes and if the videos are less than that then youtube will automatically run ads on that video.

To know more about youtube monetisation you can read this article: How youtubers make money.

And there’s another feature which is the youtube premium where you will get paid when someone who had taken the subscription of Youtube premium and then watching one of your videos then you will also get paid.

So, don’t think that if a user is watching a video on a youtube premium account then you will not get any income when someone watches your video on youtube premium then in your revenue section of youtube it will display that how much money you are making from Youtube premium separately.

Now the question came that Do YouTubers get profit if you download the videos?

No, the Youtubers didn’t get any profit if the videos are downloaded and then watched by the users no matter how many times it’s done. But it can be a signal to youtube that your videos were good that’s why users were downloading them and watching them. Another thing that can happen to download a video you have to open it if your videos had an ad in the starting then you will get some income or if the user had directly downloaded it then there will be no income from that user.


1.Is downloading YouTube videos legal?

There are 2 types of downloads one is the download where the video is available on youtube as offline video which you can play on youtube when you don’t have a data pack. And another is downloading a youtube video through 3rd party website where you need to put the URL and your video will be downloaded. If you are doing it for your own use and not using it anywhere else then nothing will happen but if you are re-uploading it somewhere else then it will be called illegal.

2.How does anybody get money through YouTube when you can download any video from YouTube?

No, one will get money not even youtube will get money if you had downloaded the video from 3rd party website because then youtube can’t run ads on that youtube video. But not everybody had that much time to download it and not many people had the data to download a long video that’s why still no matter how many people will download a video from youtube, they will earn billions of dollars from ads.


So, this is all about Do YouTubers get profit if you download the videos?

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