Do You Make More YouTube Revenue From Viewers Watching One Long Video Or Several Shorter Ones?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini we will be talking about Do you make more YouTube revenue from viewers watching one long video or several shorter ones?

Many of us wanted to make videos on videos either to earn money or to showcase our passion.

But we get confused that either making short videos or making long videos to earn money online on youtube.

So, in this article, we will give you a detailed answer about Do you make more YouTube revenue from viewers watching one long video or several shorter ones?

Such that you can grow your channel and earn money from your channel.

Let’s get started.

Do you make more YouTube revenue from viewers watching one long video or several shorter ones?

If you want to make more revenue on youtube then you should make long videos but if you want to reach more people with your videos you need to make Youtube shorts videos because it will give you massive reach but the income from shorts videos is very low. But it doesn’t mean that if you are making long videos it will definitely increase your earnings because if people aren’t watching half of your videos then there are also chances that your revenue will not be increased so there are chances that shorts videos can also make you more revenue because the chances of shorts being watched are more than long videos. Now people are less likely to stick to long videos if it isn’t interesting and no matter how boring your short videos people will watch half portion of videos. The conclusion is that you can’t say that your long videos will make revenue or the shorts videos can’t but the proven things were long videos.


How does making a 10-minute video on YouTube earn you more money than making a shorter video?

Because there are more chances of running ads in your 10-minute videos but if you are making shorts videos then if your viewer is watching your video from home feed only then ads will run on your videos and you will earn money from it. But there’s no guarantee that your 10 minutes long videos will make you more on youtube because if they aren’t interested then it will not make more money.

Does the length of a video on YouTube have anything to do with the money we earn?

Yes, the longer the video the more the ads and the more watch time which means the more your videos will be recommended to more people in your niche and it will eventually increase your revenue but if your videos aren’t getting 50% watch time then there are fewer chances that your revenue will increase and lessen the chances that your video will be suggested to more viewers.

What is the minimum length of YouTube videos for monetizing?

There’s no minimum length of videos for monetizing your channel if you are making shorts videos then also you will get earning but the earning will be lower than normal 5-10 minutes videos.

Can I make money with 20 seconds video on YouTube?

Yes, you can make money form 20 seconds videos on youtube but only if the videos are seen from users home feed or homepage of youtube other than that your shorts videos aren’t monetised when it was seen in shorts section of youtube.

Which earns more on youtube, 1 long video or multiple short videos?

1 long video will earn more money than multiple short videos if the long video watch time is more than 50% but that doesn’t mean that your short videos can’t earn more money if the short videos are more than 2 minutes and if your viewers are watching them more than half then there are chances that it can earn more money. So earning money on youtube depends upon the watch time it’s getting if the watch time is low fewer ads will be run on those videos no matter it’s short videos or long videos.

Should I break long YouTube videos down into multiple parts?

Yes, you can do that if you have more than 30 minutes of videos because nowadays people will less likely to watch long videos so what you can do is if you are using it for multiple platforms then you should break it down into multiple pieces and then share each piece of content on the different platform this will give you unique piece of content on each platform like Garry Vee. But if you want to do the same on youtube then also you can do that by releasing it on parts it can also give you more time because you have already scheduled different pieces of content in advance.

Why do YouTubers try to make their videos last 10 minutes?

Youtubers try to make 10 minutes videos because if you make videos that were either 2-5 minutes then there are fewer chances that your viewers will watch 50% of your 2 -5 minutes videos but in long videos, there are likely more chances that you will get more watch time and the more the watch time the more youtube will recommend your videos to more people and the more people watch your videos the more the money you will make that’s the reason why you most of the YouTuber make 10 minutes long videos.

Can I earn from YouTube to make under 2 minutes video?

Yes, you can earn money from videos which will be under 2 minutes if your channel is monetised but the chances of earning a good amount of money depend upon the views and watch time you will get after uploading videos on youtube.


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