Do Social Media Influencers Earn On The Basis Of Views On Their Videos?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Do social media influencers earn on the basis of views on their videos?

Are you also willing to become a social media influencer and wanted to know that Do social media influencers earn on the basis of views on their videos?

Then in this article, we will let you know all about how social media influencers earn and what are the things that affect their earnings?

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Do social media influencers earn on the basis of views on their videos?

Yes, Indirectly they earn on the basis of views they get on their videos because the more the number of views the more you will get reach and followers and the more you get views, reach and followers the more you will get brand deals and monetisation opportunities so indirectly yes social media influencers earn on the basis of views.

But not only views will not get you paid on social media platforms the depth of influence also matters, because if you are getting views and followers but no one of your followers were loyal or if you can’t influence them then no brands will collaborate with you more than once.

For Example:

Views on videos Followers Depth of influence Product Conversion Brands
Social Media influencer A 80k views 100k More More conversion More Brand deals
Social Media influcener B 500k views 1 million Less Fewer conversion Less Brand deals

As you can see in the above table that if you had less depth of influence and less conversion rate when brands collaborate with you then you will get fewer brand deals in the future. Whereas if you have fewer followers but your followers were die-hard fans of yours and they will buy or follow what you say brands will be ready to pay you more.

Do you get paid for views on Instagram reels?

No, you will not get paid for Instagram reels because Instagram reels is a place where you can showcase your talent and uniqueness which can attract several views and followers and then based upon your following, views and influence you will get brand deals and sponsorships.

On what basis the social media Influencers are paid?

Earlier it was followers and views but now in 2021-22 it’s more about the depth of influence you had in your audience and followers you had because now views and followers can be easily attainable by anyone but getting a depth of influence is not easy to get and that’s what brands pay social media influencers for.

What are YouTubers and social media influencers collectively doing wrong?

Nowadays YouTubers and social media influencers were doing any kind of brand promotions and product promotion which they haven’t used once and they were promoting all the things because they were getting huge chunks of money that’s somewhere, in the long run, is destroying their subscribers and followers.

Are social media influencers worth paying?

Yes, it’s worth paying the social media influencers because if you are new in the market and wanted to build your presence but it also depends upon how much is your budget and what’s your product is because selecting the right social media influencers for your product at a right budget will get a huge impact in your business.

Are social media “influencers” actually happy?

Not 100% they were happy because they are also humans and they also had problems in life but the thing here is you need to understand is that you were coming to a social media platform because you want to get entertained and have fun watching videos but if a social media influencer is only talking about what had happened in their life you will not watch their video that’s the reason why they had shown the good life because you will get entertained and watch more of their videos.


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