Who is digital Pratik and how he is different from other digital marketers on youtube?


In this article of Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Who is digital Pratik and how he is different from other digital marketers on youtube?

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digital Pratik
Youtube channel name Digital Pratik
Started in  Aug 28, 2015
Subscribers 79.8k subscribers
Youtube income $9 – $143 per month (According to the social blade) (Because he isn’t active much on youtube)
Age (digital Pratik age) 30 Years
Education 3 times drop out from Engineering
Cars The car that digital Pratik drive: Hyundai i20
Mobile phones Mobile phones which he uses: 3 Iphones (Earlier he use Samsung Duos)
Website www.digitalpratik.com

Who is Digital Pratik?

Digital Pratik is a personal branding expert or what he says himself is a personal branding practitioner and a social media influencer who had a blue tick on Instagram at only 33.2k followers because of his impact over the web.

Not only that he’s a 3-time dropout from the college he hadn’t have a degree but he’s earning lakhs of rupees.

Earlier he was working in a call centre where he didn’t have money to survive his day to day life and at that time he was only eating panipuri as his meal to save money.

Because he dropped out from college so he had to do something so he take the job of a call centre guy.

After some time he got to watch an ad over the web to learn digital marketing and earn extra income so at that point in time he hadn’t had that much money in his pocket so he borrowed money from his friend and get enrolled in that course.

So, that’s where his journey of Digital marketing got started then he got a job opportunity as an Instructor at Digi performs.

But apart from all of these he’s now earning more than 12k for just 30 minutes.

So, you can estimate how much he’s earning in 2021.

Now, he had clients who were paying him lakhs of rupees to scale up their business and at the same time, Digital Pratik is building his own personal brand over the internet.

He believes in practicality in life that’s why his tag line is Learn.Apply.Share.

This person is really an inspiration for many people because not only he just builds his personal brand he’s adding value to everybody’s life through various social media platforms.

And the most important thing which we have to add here is he is a big fan of Gary Vee and most of the people in India called him Indian Gary Vee and he’s proud of it.

In 2021 he had appeared in plenty of interviews, Keynotes and recently he had featured in Josh talks.

Why Digital Pratik is so famous over the internet?

Digital Pratik is famous over the internet because of his immense amount of value which he adds to his audience life.

He not only put up content just to sell he put up content on all the social media platforms because he’s providing value at the same time doing business.

And let me tell you if you consistently watch his videos over social media you will get to know that how much value he’s giving for free and what are you missing in your life.

If you are also passionate about building your personal or doing something of your own then you should follow Digital Pratik.

How digital Pratik is different from other digital marketers over youtube?

We all know that all the marketers over youtube mostly come to youtube either to sell something or either to fool the audience.

But what’s special about digital Pratik is he’s giving content worth lakhs for free on his social media handles.

And when you watch his content over the internet one thing you will get is “Value”.

He’s not here to sell something he’s here to create an impact that’s why most of his content is not about only digital marketing he had created his life as his niche.

Whereas other digital marketers only think about the numbers either in their social media or in their bank account.

But Digital Pratik doesn’t care about the number of views, likes and subscribers he got.

He had put alot of content over social media and on youtube which got a very less amount of views but he hadn’t stopped there.

But when we see other digital marketers they only do those things which can get them views, subscribers and money.

Doing something for free or not caring about the no of likes, followers you had just providing consistent value is a big thing.


What is digital Pratik podcast course?

The digital Pratik podcast course is all about how you can grow your business with the help of podcasting and he had provided you with guidance that how you can run your podcast and scale up your business or grow your personal brand.

I personally into his podcast course where he had provided an immense amount of value for all those people who had taken his course.

What is the charge of digital Pratik consulting?

The charge of Digital Pratik consulting is earlier Rs.12k now it’s Rs.9990.

What is the full name of Digital Pratik?

The Full name of Digital Pratik is Pratik Singh Chaudasama.

What are the Digital Pratik social media handles?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digitalpratik (digital Pratik Instagram)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalpratik

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf6CEY4IQitB2Mu348BmR-A

Giphy: https://giphy.com/search/digital-pratik

Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/26SO08J1haNQWg00gD5Hj1

What is digital Pratik monthly income?

The guy who is earning 16 lakh rupees in just 16 days how can we estimate his monthly income.

What is the digital Pratik newsletter?

Digital Pratik newsletter is a 15,000 words content where he had given his own experience and secrets of how he does all the things for his personal branding.

What is digital Pratik university?

Digital Pratik university is a place where all the courses were free where you can learn digital marketing things all you need to do is make a teachable account.

Which is the digital Pratik website?

The digital Pratik website is: www.digitalpratik.com

Why is Digital Pratik known as Indian Gary Vaynerchuk?

Digital Pratik is known as Indian Gary vee because he follows Gary Vaynerchuk alot and he is his guru and he had learnt alot from Gary vee. Not only that he had applied all those learning in his life and because he follows his mentor Gary vee you can see garyvee in Digital Pratik and the way he talks and executed his things and his life all comes from Gary vee that’s the only reason why he is known as Indian Gary vee.

How do I become a brand like Digital Pratik?

In Digital Pratik recent Premium newsletter which is known as #Jorrvichar, he had shared alot of things that helped him to succeed in the digital world and made his personal brand but 2 main things which he had shared in his premium newsletter were:

  1. Don’t go for number go for the value (How much value you can add in the users life which can which eventually influence them in their life)

2. Be patient (He said that to build his personal brand it takes him 5 years so be patient it can work in 6 months or in 6 years but you have to be consistent)

Which software use digital Pratik in his presentations?

To know which software does Digital Pratik use in his presentations you can either use Mindmap or you can go through the digital Pratik resources section: Resources

What is the digital Pratik course?

There are several digital Pratik courses:
1. Insta automation
2. Facebook marketing
3. Podcast roadmap challenge
4. Jorrivhar Newsletter (Not course)
| digital Pratik newsletter


So, this is all about our Digital Pratik or the Gujju guy or the Mojma Guy.

If you haven’t followed him over social media then make sure you do it to add value to your life.

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