Dhinchak Pooja New song: Gaadi meri 2 seater


In today’s post we will be talking about Dhinchak pooja new song : Gaadi meri 2 seater

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Who is Dhinchak Pooja?

Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak pooja is a so-called singer who thinks that she can sing but she hasn’t any type of singing ability in her.

She had got famous when carryminati had roasted him on his youtube channel about his disgusting songs with no lyrics no tune nothing.

And not only that this popularity had taken him to big boss show.

Where he had performed in front of salman khan and salman khan can’t control his laugh.

Which is Dhinchak pooja new song?

The new song of Dhinchak pooja named Gaadi mere 2 seater.

When you will listen the song you will say that where is the song she had repeated only 2 lines without tune and without having singing ability.

And that’s how the song had been made.

The matter of fact is that the song is in trending section of youtube.

This shows that anything can be possible.

How much Dhinchak pooja earns?

The earning of Dhinchak pooja from youtube is: $406 – $6.5k which is equals to 30k to 4 lakh in INR.

Where is Dhinchak pooja from?

Dhinchak pooja is from Uttar Pradesh but mostly you will see her in Delhi in her recent videos.

What is the age of Dhinchak pooja?

The age of Dhinchak pooja is 27 years. She was born in 28 December 1993

Who made Dhinchak pooja famous?

The carry minati video of rasting her made him popular on youtube but after that she didn’t stopped she started making more videos and in 2017 she went to big boss house.

Why Dhinchak pooja is trending?

Dhinchak pooja is trendingbecause of youtube algorithm which only see engagement and views so no matter how bad your videos were if your videos were getting views and engagement your videos will be in trending section of youtube.

That’s the only reason why Dhinchak pooja videos were in trending.

What is the real name of Dhinchak pooja?

The real name of Dhinchak pooja is Pooja jain.

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