Crazy Xyz: Leaving IIT Roorkee job to 9 million subscribers

In today’s post, we will be talking about the Crazy XYZ youtube channel and the journey of that channel

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So, let’s get started.

Who is the owner of Crazy XYZ owner?

Crazy XYZ

The owner of the Crazy XYZ channel is Amit Sharma who lives in Rajasthan, Alwar district.

He had done his from IIT Roorkee in Metallurgical and material.

After completing his he had handling his youtube channel.

This channel name was earlier blade XYZ and now it’s crazy XYZ because earlier the channel content is all about cutting things but now in his channel, he makes different types of videos.

Not only that he also runs another youtube channel called the Indian Unboxer.

How much Amit Sharma expense on his youtube channel?

So, he disclosed that he spent roughly 1 lakh rupees per month in making his videos as of 2020.

From this, you can think that how much he is earning from his youtube channel.

Does Amit Sharma from Crazy XYZ do some other jobs?

So, as of 2021, he isn’t doing any job other than managing and making content for his youtube channel.

What is the birth date of Amit Sharma?

The birth date of Amit Sharma is: 11 September

When did Amit Sharma start his youtube channel?

He started his youtube channel on 2017, September 10.

Which camera equipments does Amit sharma use for his channel?

  • Canon 200d mark 2
  • Canon m50d
  • Canon 700d
  • Samsung not 9
  • Samsung S9
  • DJI Mavic Air

How many team members Amit Sharma channel had?

Currently, they had 6 team members in the production of his videos.

What is the Instagram Id of Amit Sharma?

To know about Amit Sharma Instagram id follow this link: Instagram Mini

How many subscribers does crazy XYZ channel have?

Currently, in 2021 the channel had 9.09 million subscribers on youtube.

How much Crazy XYZ channel earns from youtube?

According to social blade the channel earns :

If we talk about monthly earning then $76.3k-$1.2million which is 55 lakhs to almost 1 crore because his channel views were in millions.

This is not the accurate earnings but it’s a rough estimate.

Which type of video does Crazy XYZ make?

Crazy XYZ channel made videos like Science Experiments, Life Hacks, Amazing Modification, Diwali Crackers and many more.


After reading the entire article you will get to know that if you continue doing youtube there is a huge potential in the upcoming time.

And not only that you can earn millions of dollars from a youtube channel.

But it will not happen in one night just like he had spent more than 2 years of hard work after leaving his campus from IIT Roorkee.

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