Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

Most of us wanted to know that either social traffic or youtube traffic is beneficial for us if we send the traffic to our website.

Because most of us have a website which is having adsense approved through which we earn money.

So, we want to know that Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

In this article we will tell you that Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense in detail and how you can drive traffic through youtube but it will not harm your google adsense.

So, let’s get started.

Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

Driving traffic from your youtube channel to your adsense approved website to make money from it but if you make these mistakes then your adsense will definitely get harm.

Now, coming back to the question which is Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

No, it will not harm your adsense if you are sending targeted traffic from youtube through your website which is coming to know more about a specific topic then your adsense will not be harmed but if you sending traffic which is in entertainment niche and then those audience clicked on the ads then google adsense will place ads limit to your account because people who were in entetainemnet niche were not having any intent and if they just click on any ads but don’t take any action after that it means it will be a loss to the advertsieer and the more it happens advertisers will stop running ads and it will be a huge loss for you and adsense.

Let’s understand the concept in detail:

If you had channel on a software niche where you teach about some software on your youtube channel and then you pitch your audience to go to your website for this resources either through web mention or direct through your post link.

In this case the people who were coming to your website were having some intent and search history on youtube which will make google to show them relevant ads and there are more chances that people will click on ads and take action.

But if you send traffic from entertainment niche then not many advertisers were bidding or running ads on entertainment content then if some users click on your website ads they will not buy or take action from it so in that case there are chances that google will place ads limit in your website.

What are the platforms from where you shouldn’t send traffic to your website?

There are some platforms where you shouldn’t sen traffic to your website:

  • Facebook (Paid or organic)
  • Instagram (Paid or organic)

If you are sending social traffic to your website from these website then there are chances that people are having less intent or coming for entertainment purpose and in entertainment niche there aren’t that much advertisers.

So, the users will be shown some normal anchor ads or link ads which users will click and because the users were not having any buying intent then the click will be considered as spam.

The more it happens the more the chances will be increased that your adsene will put ads limit.

But it will be profitable when you are sending traffic from social media to your website if your users intent is in business or in something else which isn’t related to entertainment niche.

And because these platforms doesn’t share data to google so it’s hard for google to understand the behaviour of the users but if the same happens from youtube google had the data about the users.

What happens when your most of the traffic comes from social media?

Because the social media platforms doesn’t share their users data to google which means if a user will come from these social media platforms to your website which is adsense monetsied it will be hard for google to understand the behaviour of the user and because if the user clicks on any ads without any intent then it will be considered as invalid traffic and the more the invalid clicks or traffic you got the more chances that your adsense ads will be limited.

How to safely send traffic from youtube to your website?

To send safe traffic from youtube to your website follow these simple ways:

1.Web mention

Here you didn’t give any link of your website on your youtube channel description the user will go to google and search for your website and then coming to your website it will send a positive signals for your website in front of google.

And at the same time they had the users history data.

2.Make users search your keywords or terms

If you had written an article on your website then make sure you make the user search for that term ” Specific keywords” + website name

This will make your website article to rank on that keywords and the ads will be highly targeted on your website.

3.Intent based videos

If you are making a video let’s say make money online and you have told the viewers about 5 ways to make money online and then you say that if you want to know more about make money online then you can go through the link in description.

Or if you are sharing some resources in your website then google is having the intent of the user because youtube is owned by google in this case your adsense account will not be harmed.

What are the benefit of sending traffic form youtube?

The benefits of sending traffic from youtube to your website are:

  1. You will bet a backlink from your youtube.
  2. Traffic which is trageted.
  3. Authority infromt of google for your website.
  4. Increase in ranking.
  5. Increase in earnings.


So, this is all for the Can YouTube Traffic To Website Harm AdSense?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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