Can You Monetize TikTok Compilation Videos On Youtube?

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Can You Monetize TikTok Compilation Videos On Youtube?

Most of us see that there are plenty of dogs and cats compilation videos on youtube and the channels that upload the videos were having 100k to millions of subscribers.

And even their channel was monetised with different types of sources like Youtube adsense (mainly), Affiliate products and Merchandise.

So, now a question came up in your mind that why can we do the same thing with Tiktok.

But you are worried that if I start uploading tiktok compilation video will it get copyright or can I be able to monetise my channel or not?

So, all these questions will be answered in this article and we will tell you how can you monetise your tiktok compilation videos on youtube?

Can You Monetize TikTok Compilation Videos On Youtube?

After watching all the compilation videos on youtube being monetised and having 100k to millions of subscribers you also thought of starting a compilation videos channel.

But you think that starting the same cats and dogs or babies compilation where already there is lots of competition why not start something unique.

So, you thought why not start a compilation videos channels in which you upload Tiktok compilation videos.

But the second question which came into your mind is that will it be monetizable?

Yes, you can monetise your TikTok Compilation Videos On Youtube because already few people were doing it on youtube and their channels were monetised but when we talk about monetisation it’s not the same and easy as other dogs, cats and babies videos because they don’t have any music in it but in TikTok videos, there is music in the background so you need to give proper credit or mention to those song owners or creators.


Can You Monetize TikTok Compilation Videos On Youtube?
Tiktok compilation channel (Monetises and verified)

Now that you know that you can monetise Tiktok compilation videos on youtube but you need to know how to properly give credit to creators of those videos as well as song owners.

So, here are some samples through which you can get learn how to give credit to the song owners as well the creators.

How to write a description for Tiktok videos compilation on youtube

Not only that these channels were not only monetised with Youtube Adsense but also monetised with Affiliate products.

Tiktok Compilation Channel Monetised With Affiliate Products

Can we monetize our YouTube channel after uploading a TikTok video?

Yes, you can monetise your youtube channel after uploading a tiktok video but you need to take care of the music and songs which were running in the background either give proper credit to the song owner as shown above or you can edit the song and add some non-copyrighted music. Then only you can monetise your youtube channel with TikTok videos.

Can I put other people’s TikTok videos on YouTube to earn money?

Yes, you can monetise your channel if you put other people’s content or videos on your channel but as we had mention tiktok contains music that isn’t copyright free so in order to monetise your channel make sure you give proper credit to the creators of those videos as well as the song owners in the description.


Are Tik Tok videos copyrighted?

Yes, tiktok videos were copyrighted because in those videos many songs were used and not only those songs were licensed by some other companies and if you are not giving credit to those companies and using it then you will get copyright issues.

Can I upload my TikTok videos in YouTube shorts?

Yes, many people had started doing that because there’s human psychology that people want entertainment in a short time and that’s what youtube shorts are doing that’s the only reason why if you upload videos of Tiktok on youtube shorts you can become popular if your content is good and you can gain a huge amount of followers.

Why do people do Tik Tok compilations if they know it will eventually get claimed?

Not all people who were making Tiktok compilation videos were getting copyright Because people who were just uploading tiktok videos compilation without giving credit to the creators as well as song owners then they are most likely to get copyright but if you do the proper mentioning of the song owners and creators then you will not get the copyright.

Can I Upload My TikTok Videos on YouTube? | Can I upload tiktok videos on youtube?

Yes, you can upload your own tiktok videos on youtube but make sure that if you don’t give credits to the song that were in your tiktok video then your channel will not be monetised or it can be deleted if you do it every time.

Can I put other people’s tiktok videos on youtube to earn money?

Yes, you can do that but for that to happen you need to first give proper credit to the songs that were used in those videos and the creator of that video by mentioning his social media in your description of your compilation videos.

Can I upload tiktok videos on youtube and earn money?

Yes, you can earn money from it because there are several channels on youtube that were making compilation videos and ads were running on their channel.


So, this is all for the Can You Monetize TikTok Compilation Videos On Youtube?

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