Can voice-over channels be monetized on YouTube?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Can voice-over channels be monetized on YouTube?

Many people wanted to know that if we make a voice-over channel on Youtube will it grow or will it work?

So, in this article we will tell you all about this topic and let you know that will it work or not.

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Can voice-over channels be monetized on YouTube? | Voice Over Channel Monetization 2021

Yes, it can be monetized on Youtube because there are plenty of channels who were having millions of subscribers but they didn’t even show their faces. They just do a voice-over on clips and earning in millions of dollars from their youtube channels.

For example, there are plenty of channels like Bright side, which were doing only voice-over clips and having millions of subscribers.

Can voice-over channels be monetized on YouTube?
Can voice-over channels be monetized on YouTube?

How much you can earn from voice-over channels?

When we see the social blade stats of these 2 channels you will not imagine how much they were earning.

1.Bright Side : Around $42.8k – $684.8k : Around $1.7k – $27.6k

So, you can also earn this much money from your voice-over channel and these are some of the examples of channels that were doing voice over but there are plenty more.

And still, there are niches where there is no content and you can make voice-over channels and make plenty of money from it.

Which is the best Text to speech software to do voice over on youtube?

One of the best natural text to speech software online is Speechlo which you can get at an affordable price one time and then can create text to speech videos where you didn’t have to hire a voice-over artist.

If I make videos on YouTube with no face and no voice in 2021, will YouTube monetize my channel?

Yes, for sure youtube will monetize your channel if you make content on youtube with no face and no voice-over you can simply make channels with no face and no voice is like a meditation niche where you don’t have to show any face and don’t have to do voice-overs.

Would my YouTube channel be approved for monetization if I make videos using pictures and voiceover?

Yes, it can be monetized if you use pictures and voice over because there are plenty of youtube channels that was doing it and earning money but for that, you need to understand what the audience wants and if you can identify their needs and make videos on that then you can easily get subscribers and earn money from it.

Is Face-cam or Voice-over mandatory for YouTube video monetization?

No, it’s not mandatory that your videos should have a face-cam or voice over there are channels that were just uploading videos without any face cam and voice-over you just have to identify the users needs and then make videos on that and gain 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time and you are ready to go.

Who was the famous Voice over youtube channel?

Here are some of the famous voice-over youtube channels:

1. Bright side
3. Top 5 Best
4. Most amazing Top 10

Does youtube monetize text to speech videos?

Yes, youtube monetise text to speech videos because if you can get the viewer to hook in the platform no matter you show your face or not you can earn money from it but make sure that you don’t use any copyrighted material.

Can you monetize videos without voiceover?

Yes, you can do that by making videos of compilations or using different social media compilation videos in which the creators were not using any kind of music which can get copyright.

If you want to know more how can you do that read this article: Monetise celebrities videos


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