Can I Put The Same Video On Two Different YouTube Channels And Earn Money?


In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be talking about the question Can I Put The Same Video On Two Different YouTube Channels And Earn Money?

Most of us have this question in our mind that what if we put the same content over 2 youtube channels than what will happen. Can we monetise both the content?

So, in this article, we will let you know all about it in detail.

Let’s get started.

Can I Put The Same Video On Two Different YouTube Channels And Earn Money?

So, many of us think that putting the same video On two channels and monetizing it can be very beneficial for us to earn more money from youtube.

But we don’t know actually what will happen do we can do that or not.

Or we can really monetise with this strategy.

Because the youtube algorithm is so advanced in 2021 that it can detect what you are trying to do.

Now, coming back to the question Can I Put The Same Video On Two Different YouTube Channels And Earn Money?

Yes, you can put the same video on two different youtube channels and earn money but when the youtube algorithm recognises that you were doing it and can give you a strike on your channel or it can directly de-monetise your main or the secondary channel (if both the channels were monetised). There are chances that your secondary channel where you were uploading the video after uploading it on the main channel can be demonised or may get a copyright strike.

Because it can come under youtube resued content monetisation so there are more chances that your either main channel or (mostly) secondary channel can be demonetised.

I will suggest instead of doing it for making more money on youtube you can make videos on your main channel on those topics which were having more CPC or CPM. This can help you to make more money on youtube.

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What will happen when you upload the same video on 2 channels?

There are many chances that these things will happen when you are doing this:

  1. Second channel will be demonetised

2. Get fewer views in the main channel

3. Youtube will decrease the second video reach

How youtube recognise that it’s a resued content?

In 2021 Youtube algorithm is so advanced that it can recognise your audio, video, images or thumbnails and what’s in your content. Because now youtube use the AI and the Cloud vision technology which can tell and segregate each and everything about your video either it can be which type of background or images or that you were earing and a lot more.

And if your video length is the same as the original or main video then also youtube can recognise that you have used content on your channel.

So, indirectly saying you can’t fool the youtube algorithm if you use 1 video on 2 channels.

How you can upload the same video on 2 channel and earn money from it?

To upload the same video on 2 channels you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Edit the video and add some extra creativity (it can make your video different).
  2. Chnage the meta data (Title, tags and description).
  3. Change the audio of that video

In this way, there are chances that you can earn money from your sam video on different channels.

What are the conditions in which you can upload someone else video on your channel?

You can upload a video of another youtube channel to your channel and earn money if the original creator is having a creative common (CC) due to which you can upload the same video or modify the video and if your channel is monetised then you can earn money from those videos.

Does having multiple YouTube channels let you earn more money rather than uploading all the videos on one channel?

Yes, it can help you to earn more money rather than only one channel but it can only happen when you have successfully grown 1 youtube channel and then focus on another Because if you are working on multiple channels individually then you will be exhausted and you can’t able to grow any of them. But if you have a team then you can manage multiple channels.

Why do youtubers make multiple channels?

Youtubers make multiple channels because of either their interest or to make more money because YouTubers wanted to grow their audience and reach as they grow on youtube but in some cases, if you only stick to only one channel there are chances that your reach will be less but if you have multiple channels it means you have different kinds of the audience through which you can eventually promote all your different channels and more people will know you.

Can you monetize multiple youtube channels?

Yes, you can monetise multiple youtube channels there’s no limitation that you can’t monetise more than one channel.

Can I upload the same video on two youtube channels? | Can i upload the same video to different youtube channels?

Yes, you can do that but it will not be effective because if you have already the same video content and if you uploaded it on the same youtube channel then there will be fewer views because people will not watch it.


So, this is all for Can I Put The Same Video On Two Different YouTube Channels And Earn Money?

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