▷ 13 Brands That Made Mumbiker Nikhil Rich


We all know that in the era of influencer marketing most of the influencers on youtube were not depending upon one source of income but instead they had multiple sources of income.

And that’s what we will discuss in this post that what are the brands that made mumbiker Nikhil rich because mumbiker nikhil is one of the famous vloggers and not only that we can also consider him as one of the rich YouTubers.

So, in this article, we will tell you what are the brands that made mumbiker nikhil rich.

Let’s get started.

▷ 13 Brands That Made Mumbiker Nikhil Rich

1. Sony Cameras
2. Groww
3. Upgrad
4. WOW Skincare
5. My Protein
6. Mamaearth
7. Eyewearlabs
8. Cred
9. Coin DCX
10. Samsung Mobiles
11. Vivo
12. Nykka men
13. Mivi

1.Sony cameras

As we all knew that mumbiker nikhil is fond of cameras and he loves to try and test multiple brands of cameras but when he switched from canon to sony he started loving it.

And when he started talking about sony cameras the brand started sending him expensive cameras worth more than 1 lakh rupees.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that only 1 camera of mumbiker nikhil is worth more than 3 lakhs.


In the initial stage of groww they wanted to promote their brands and that’s where they were approaching every influencer in the market and that’s where mumbiker nikhil get’s the brand to promote.

But it was just for a few times only because later on brand started to focus on those people who were in their niche of finance.


Upgrad is one of India’s most famous online degree or education platforms where you can complete your higher education with a big university.

And recently in 2021, they had approached once mumbiker nikhil to promote their brand but maybe the mumbiker nikhil audience isn’t that much interested in learning more than afterwards, they had stopped for promotion by mumbiker nikhil.

4. Wow SKin care

Wow is one of the brands that mumbiker nikhil is promoting from the initial days of wow, when the company had just started mumbiker nikhil is one of the few influencers who were promoting this brand.

And wow had partnered with mumbiker nikhil for a long period of time.

5. My protein

When mumbiker nikhil started to take his fitness journey seriously and he started testing multiple gyms & multiple protein brands.

My protein had looked this opportunity and then they had a deal with mumbiker nikhil to promote the brand and also along with that they started sending the complete stack of proteins to mumbiker nikhil.

6. Mamearth

Along with wow another brand had also started which is mama earth and the best part is that now wow had slowed down their promotion but mama earth brand were heavily promoting their brand with every influencer.

And that’s what they had done with mumbiker nikhil now mumbiker Nikhil had started promoting mamaearth instead of wow.

7. Eyewearlabs

Eyewearlabs is one of the brands who were started promoting their brands recently but the company was founded in 2017 and it’s an Indian based company whose main branch is situated in Mumbai.

As we know that mumbiker nikhil always wear sunglasses while vlogging and he likes wearing them for style and comfort.

So, they had looked into this opportunity and then started with mumbiker nikhil to promote their brand and mumbiker nikhil is the first who had promoted their brand over the internet.

8. Cred

If you don’t know what cred is then let me tell you that cred is a one-stop solution to manage your credit card bills and the founder of this brand is Kunal shah which earlier the founder of free charge.

When cred was just started they had approached multiple YouTubers along with mumbiker nikhil they had also approached the flying beast.

But with mumbiekr nikhil they had promoted only once but in the case of the flying beast, they had partnered with him for a long time.

9. Coin DCX

Coin DCX is India’s one of the first startups that was making crypto buying and selling easy if you haven’t seen what they do make sure you watch this video.

And like other brands when the crypto boom had started mumbiker nikhil also started talking about buying crypto as an investment.

Then as the early mover’s coin Dcx brand had approached him but for only one time.

10. Samsung Mobiles

In the early days when there were not so many brands in the mobile phone market, Samsung was the leading company in India.

At that point in time whenever a new Samsung phone gets launched mumbiker nikhil got the mobile to use it for free along with that he also gets money to promote it.

But now the smartphone market has been crowded and now mumbiker nikhil doesn’t get brand deals from Samsung but yes once in a while he gets some other smartphone companies.

11. Vivo

So, we are talking about other mobile brands Vivo is one of them who had sent mumbiker nikhil their latest smartphones to show their audience.

Such that they get some brand recall and they had partnered for an entire video but later on they hadn’t approached mumbiker nikhil.

12. Nykka men

If you are a business news person or read the news then you know that nykka had recently become a unicorn startup in India.

And in the growing stage of nykka mumbiker nikhil & Ranveer allabadhia were the influencers who were getting brand deals from nykka men and they had also featured in their brands.

But now they were more focused on women products rather than men’s.

13. Mivi

This brand you can say that one of the favourites or the earliest brands who had stick with mumbiker nikhil for so long.

Because at that point in time mivi is in the early stage of his journey and they were the ones who had used influencer marketing very well and they had grown their company big with the help of influencer marketing.

Now you had to get to know all the brands that had mumbiker nikhil rich.

But let me tell you some points which you should also know if you are an influencer or willing to become one.

Here are some tips before promoting any brands:

1. Know your audience

When you had started your journey as a creator you had to know about your audience because if you know what kind of audience you had with you.

You will better promote a brand.

For example: Let’s say most of the mumbiker nikhil fans were only coming to watch his videos to get entertainment and if you promote some education or something which is finance related brands to an entertainment-related audience the conversion rate will be very low.

And that’s the only reason why mumbiker nikhil is only getting a brand deal of cred, upgrade, coin DCX for once why because the brand is getting a very low conversion rate.

Just promoting a brand for money is one thing, in that case, you will only get brand deals once but if you promote to benefit your audience & brands then the brand will stick with you for a long time.

2. Stick with one brand for one niche

Earlier mumbiker nikhil was promoting wow but now he promotes mama earth because of money only no matter how good products were that’s another thing.

But when you look into flying beast if he’s promoting mama earth he continues to promote it, if he’s promoting my protein he’s continuously promoting it.

So, if you stick with one brand in one niche you will get the brand trust and the audience trust.

Because in some month you are promoting some Xyz brand and another month you were promoting ABC brand that will confuse the audience and brand which will lead to fewer brand deals & less trust form audience.


So, this is all for the ▷ 13 Brands That Made Mumbiker Nikhil Rich.

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