▷ Bizgurukul: The Finest Online Learning Courses In India?

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We all want to learn different courses in order to upgrade our careers and make more money and that’s where we all start searching for courses online.

Then you might have heard about Bizgurukul which is considered one of the portals where you can learn & earn money at the same time.

But your concern here is whether you can earn money through this or not or should you purchase the course of bizgurukul.

Then in this article after throwing light on many scam companies, we will now tell you in detail step by step whether you should do their courses or not.

So, let’s get started.

▷ Bizgurukul: The Finest Online Learning Courses In India?

Name of the companyBizgurukul
Started in 2020-02-12
RegisteredYes (bizgurukul pvt ltd)
Company Location Not provided
Real or fake Company is Real
Websitehttps://bizgurukul.com/ (Bizgurukul website)
Apk (Eehhaaa apk)Bizgurukul app (Bizgurukul apk download)
InstagramBizgurukul Instagram
FacebookBizgurukul Facebook

What is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul is one of the earned money online schemes where you need to purchase a course initially and when you complete the courses you have to make a chain and add other people to purchase the course from you.

The company basically provides digital marketing courses to the users or customers who are willing to earn money by doing the course and then they had to promote their courses and make other people join.

That’s the only way the users can earn money from it.

It’s an MLM where you need to first purchase the course and then do other people join and purchase the same course and then only you will get money or earn money.

How to download the bizgurukul app?

To download the bizgurukul app follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to this bizgurukul app link: APK

Step 2: Then click on the download button

Step 3: After clicking on the download button your download will automatically start.

How to earn money from bizgurukul?

To earn money from bizgurukul follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Either purchase the course worth Rs.5000 – Rs.150000 or become an affiliate.

Step 2: After completing the course you need to sell the course to more people or if you are an affiliate then you have to make more joining for the courses.

Step 3: The more the number of people you join under you the more money you will make.

(Basically, it’s an MLM behind but due to selling courses it doesn’t seem like that.)

How to register in bizgurukul?

To register in bizgurukul follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the bizgurukul: https://bizgurukul.com/

Step 2: Then fill up all the personal details asked.

Step 3: Then you had to purchase a course worth from 5k -15k.

(And then you can access the course and after completing the course you can earn big money)

What is the active or live link of the bizgurukul?

The active or the live link of the bizgurukul were: https://bizgurukul.com/

What is the bizgurukul login page? (bizgurukul login)

The login page of the bizgurukul is: https://bizgurukul.com/login

Is bizgurukul company registered?

Yes, the company is being registered as we had checked in the zaubacorp the company is being registered in July 2021.

How much money do you have to invest before earning from bizgurukul?

The money you had to invest before earning money from bizgurukul were:

  • Rs.5000
  • Rs.9000
  • Rs.15000

What are the sources of income of bizgurukul?

The sources of the income of bizgurukul were:

  • New members joining the compnay & purcahsing the course
  • Affiliate marketing

How does bizgurukul make a profit?

Bizgurukul main income source is selling the courses in digital marketing which you can easily get for free without paying any money and the courses start from 5k to 15k.

Which is a huge price for the courses from a company whose reputation isn’t good.

Instead of that, you can watch other videos on youtube and you will earn money from them.

Is bizgurukul real or fake?

Bizgurukul is real but I will not recommend that you should join because they were just fooling customers or users by selling them courses and making a pyramid of users and making money.

Most of the people who were earning money will say good about it on youtube but not all people were making money people who were at the higher level were making the big money.

And initially, they will talk very nicely and once you purchase the course they will not give any attention to you.

Is it safe to invest in bizgurukul?

No, it’s not safe to invest money in bizgurukul because they are fooling people in the name of selling courses and (bizgurukul affiliate marketing)affiliate marketing.

And the courses that you will purchase are already available for free with more value because the people who were making the courses themselves hadn’t done anything on their own all those knowledge were bookish not practical.

Also, the price of courses was very high which isn’t worth it.

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Can you earn money from bizgurukul?

If you are at the top then only you will be able to make money otherwise you will not able to make money which always happening in MLM.

Who were the owners of the company?

The owners or directors of the company were: RITWIZ TIWARI & ROHIT KUMAR SHARMA


So, after analysing all the facts about Bizgurukul we found that all the facts lead to the conclusion that the bizgurukul is a fake affiliate marketing company but in original it’s an MLM company and most of the people who had invested money in it will be lost.

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