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In today’s article on Youtube mini, we will be discussing the topic Better Creator | Review of the Better Creator blogging course?

We all have seen ads for Better creators on youtube and many other platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

And it shows that you can earn lakhs of rupees while just working for 2-3 hours daily.

But making money online in the 21st century isn’t that much easy as other people make it on their videos so, in this article, we will tell you all about better creator blogging courses & will give you a review of better creator courses.

No you might having a question that why you should trust us?

Then let me tell you that being a Digital Marketer & SEO Professional having more than 4 years of experience we have well gathered all the resources over internet then we had brought up one of the best resource through this informational article

So, let’s get started.

Review of the Better Creator Blogging Course | Better Creator Blogging Course Review

Better Creator
Name of the course Better Creator
Content-wise Basic
Total videos26 lessons
EffectivenessNot effective
PriceRs.99 (In sale)
Reviews (Better Creator Reviews)1 Star

If you also wanted to start making money online and heard about blogging where you can earn lakhs of rupees per month by working 2-3 hours daily. And at the same time got an ad for a better creator blogging course where you get the opportunity to earn lakhs of rupees per month.

But is it really true?

For that, I have purchased the course and watched all the videos on the course and tell you the review of the better creator blogging course.

What’s the content of the course?

If we talk about the content of the course you will get in a total of 26 lessons where you will get a very basic knowledge of blogging which you can also get the same or better content for free on youtube.

There are channels on Youtube Like Amit Mishra, Learn & earn with pavan Agrawal, and Tech Ripon then you can learn more than this course for free and you will get more secrets than this basic course.

Better Creator

All the content which are in the course were nothing new even a beginner who has started blogging can easily get this type of information on any platform even on google.

Is the course effective to earn lakhs of rupees?

Personally, I didn’t found anything which is new to anyone who is in the blogging industry and even with that type of knowledge in the course you can’t earn lakhs of rupees from blogging.

If it was that easy nobody will be poor.

Why the course became popular?

The course was launched in the pandemic time where many people had lost their job and they want to earn money or want some income source and that’s the only reason why it became popular on youtube.

No matter you have become rich or not but he had earned a good amount of money from just selling the courses.

If the course is Rs 100- Rs 200 and if 10k people had bought it then he had earned almost 10 lakhs rupees.

Is it worth buying the course?

No, the course isn’t worth buying because I have bought it to see what’s inside it and to provide a review for you guys that you don’t waste money on these types of courses.

If you really want to learn for free then watch videos on youtube that were doing good in blogging like Technical Ripon, Amit Mishra from Tryootech and learn and earn with pavan Agrawal. (Pavan Agrawal free blogging course).

These were the 3 channels where you can learn blogging for free.

Is the better creator is real or fake?

Yes, the blogging creator course is real but the things which you will get in the course were basic and that amount of knowledge you can get for free from youtube.

Is the better creator is good or bad?

No, the better creator course isn’t good because of all the things which you are getting on course no matter how cheap it is, it’s not worth it because the content of the course is already available on youtube for free.

Will you become rich after taking this course?

Ofcourse, not because the content in this course is very basic and if you follow all the steps that were considered to be basic then also you might not get what they claim because all the content or we can say more relevant content is available on youtube for free.

All these blogging thing can’t be learnt through one course also no body will tell you the truth or secret if they were earning 2-3 lakhs rupees per month.

So, the final thing is that you have to yourself figure out and do some trail and error and then you can earn that much money.


So, this is all about Better Creator | Review of the Better Creator blogging course

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