Bald And Bankrupt | Biography | Income | Age | Networth

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Bald And Bankrupt | Biography | Income | Age | Networth

Bald And Bankrupt
Bald and bankrupt
Youtube Channel NameBald and Bankrupt (bald and bankrupt youtube)
Subscribers3.11 million subscribers
Another channelDaily bald
Started in Jun 12, 2018
Real Name (bald and bankrupt real name)Benjamin Rich
Age47 years old (1 July 1974)
Youtube income (Bald and bankrupt salary)$1.3k – $20.2k per month (According to the social blade)
Instagram Bald and Bankrupt Instagram
Twitter Bald and Bankrupt Twitter
Merchandise (Teesrping bald and bankrupt)Bald and Bankrupt Teespring

Who is Bald and Bankrupt?

Bald and bankrupt is a youtube channel which is having more than 3.11 million subscribers on youtube the owner of the channel is Benjamin Rich who had started his youtube journey when he got bankrupt after his business face a loss in the UK.

Then after that, he started his vlogging journey in India in 2018 where his first video is about how he fell in love with Indian policewomen.

After that, he started getting traction from his vlogging he also started to document the journey of some small places in India and in Europe which were less travelled.

Which is the first video of Bald and Bankrupt?

The first video of Bald and Bankrupt is: I love India’s policewomen

What’s the net worth of bald and bankrupt? (Bald and Bankrupt networth)

If we consider the net worth then there’s no specific number but if we consider $1.3k per month from youtube then we can say that including all the income he’s easily a millionaire with 3.11 million subscribers because the advertisements in the UK and other countries were more and same in case of sponsorships.

Which is the Bald and bankrupt camera?

The camera that Bald and Bankrupt is: Gopro (Because the camera wasn’t shown in the vlogs that’s why we can’t say about the model)

Which book does bald and bankrupt had written?

The book he wrote is: The Burning Edge: Travels Through Irradiated Belarus (Available on Amazon)

This book is all about his travel journey from all the different places across the globe.

What’s the bald and bankrupt occupation?

Earlier the occupation of Bald and Bankrupt was a Businessman but now he’s become a famous vlogger.

Where is bald and bankrupt from?

Bald and bankrupt is from the United Kingdom.

How many languages does bald and bankrupt knows?

The languages that Bald and bankrupt knows is:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Russian


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