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Ask Rohit

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking bout Ask Rohit | Websites | Income | Real Name.

Are you into blogging or willing to learn to blog but don’t like to write articles?

Then this article is for you because the person whom we are going to talk about can teach you how you can earn money without writing articles and just made a website once and earn money from it.

So, let’s get started.

Ask Rohit | Websites | Income | Real Name

Ask Rohit
Youtube channel nameAsk Rohit
Subscribers7k subscribers
Started inMar 22, 2018
Real name Rohit Kumar
Nick NameRinku
Youtube income $13 – $208 per month (According to the social blade)
EducationMasters of Computer Application at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Facebook Ask Rohit Facebook
InstagramAsk Rohit Instagram
TwitterAsk Rohit Twitter

Who is Ask Rohit?

Ask Rohit (Ask Rohit blogger) also known as Rohit Kumar is a full-time programmer who is having 8+ years of experience in programming and he had worked with many companies like Dataman, CWS technology, ESS India, Chokhani Group.

And earlier he was doing blogging part-time but now he’s doing it full time and earning good chunks of money from Google Adsense.

The motive of his youtube channel was to share the knowledge that he had learned from his programming background as well as from blogging.

And also he had some programming courses that he teach to his subscribers at low prices and shares the experience of his programming field.

Where does Ask Rohit live?

Ask Rohit lives in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

What are the public websites of Ask Rohit?

Here are some of the public websites of Ask Rohit:


And when we analyse his website traffic you can clearly get to know how much he’s earning per month. website traffic analysis

How does Ask Rohit make money?

Ask Rohit makes money mainly from 2 sources which are: Google and Youtube adsense + Affiliate marketing

What type of content does Ask Rohit makes?

Mostly the content is around blogging and programming and he also gives you various examples of different websites which were earning money from the web.

What’s the income of Ask Rohit from Google adsense?

In his recent video, the per month income from all of his websites was more than $5000 from google adsense.


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