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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Amit Mishra | Tryootech | Blogger | Income | Biography Amit Mishra Tryootech (Amit Mishra Blogger)

Learning to blog from experts is all we want and that’s why we had come up with a youtube who is doing Blogging and youtube for such a long time and had a great experience in blogging.

So, in this article, we will let you know each and everything Related to Amit Mishra Tryootech (Amit Mishra Blogger).

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Amit Mishra Tryootech (Amit Mishra Blogger)
Youtube channel nameAmit Mishra (Tryootech)
Subscribers353k Subscribers
Started in Jul 31, 2016
Real NameAmit Mishra
Age (Amit Mishra age)28 years old (17 October 1993)
Wife (Amit Mishra Wife)Anjali Shukla
Amit Mishra Youtube income $43 – $693 per month (According to the social blade)
Amit Mishra Whatsapp Number 093700 36105
Instagram Amit Mishra Instagram
Facebook Amit Mishra Facebook
LinkedinAmit Mishra Linkedin
TwitterAmit Mishra Twitter

Who is Amit Mishra?

Amit Mishra is a Youtuber, Speaker, Blogger, Affiliate marketer and Digital Marketer who wants to share his experience in the Digital marketing field and make people earn money online and grow in their life.

The journey started where he wanted to make his dad business which is a daily need shop into an online store which he named ” Sure Kirana” where he get orders online and delivers it to the customers.

But it didn’t work because he can’t deliver lot’s of goods at one time so he dropped the idea.

Also, he had done a business of selling Rakhi where he had purchased the Rakhi at Rs 800 from a woman and get 10x profit in it.

Then he gets to know that yes he can do business.

But because of Family pressure and responsibilities after competing his BCA he had taken a job in Wipro where he worked for quite some time and left the job to pursue blogging.

But after some time he again looked for a job because his Father in law wasn’t agreed to marry his daughter because he hasn’t any job.

Now, in 2021 he had 10+ established sites and his own agency where he provide digital marketing services to clients.

What does Amit Mishra Tryootech do for a living?

Amit Mishra Tryootech is into multiple things like:

  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Content Writing Agency
  • 10+ Established websites (Mostly Affiliate)
  • Youtube channel income
  • Sponsorships (Both websites and youtube channel)
  • Link placements

Where does Amit Mishra blogger live?

Amit Mishra blogger lives in New Delhi.

What are the public websites of Amit Mishra Tryootech?

The Public website of Amit Mishra Tryootech was:


How much does Amit Mishra blogger earn from Tryootech? (Amit Mishra Tryootech earning | Amit Mishra Blogger income)

There are multiple sources of income of Amit Mishra Tryootech so there can’t be a fixed number but if we estimate then:

  • Youtube Income (Average): $300 dollar per month
  • Link Placements: $300 dollars
  • Affiliate income: Not fixed but an average of $500 per month

So overall he’s easily earning more than $1000 per month.

What are the courses that Amit Mishra Tryootech offer?

The course that Amit Mishra Blogger offer was:

  • Blogging masters program
  • Youtube Business Mastery
  • WordPress and Website development course

What is Tryootech ebook?

Amit Mishra Tryootech ebook was offering value in Different sectors like Make money online, Affiliate marketing and much more but the 3 most selling ebooks of Amit Mishra were:

  • Quick Online Money Making E-Book V1.0 by Amit Mishra Tryootech
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Money Making Machine E-Book V1.2 By Amit Mishra Tryootech
  • Fiverr Mastery Mini Course E-book V1.0 by Amit Mishra Tryootech

What is the Tryootech blog is all about?

Tryootech blog is all about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Make money online and sharing a lot of information in the digital marketing niche.


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