I have an Amazon affiliate link, but how do I make people purchase? How can I earn a few bucks with affiliate link promotion?

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Last Updated on 2 years by Ankit Thakur

We all know affiliate marketing and through an affiliate link promotion how many peoples were earning from it.

But what it seems isn’t that easy for each and everyone.

Because in Affiliate marketing there many different number of strategy which is used to earn money through Afilliate marketing.

In this post, we will be talking about how you can earn money through Affiliate link promotion and know what are the ways to promote affiliate links.

So, let’s get started.

What is Affiliate marketing?

In simple words affiliate marketing is promoting other product or services to the targeted users and when someone buys a product from your link you will get a commission according to the products.

How you can signup for Amazon Affiliate?

To signup for Amazon Affiliate you need to follow these simple steps:

1.Visit the Amazon associate website.

2.Signup with your email and fillup the basic information and the medium through which you will promote their product.

If you had a website it would be better because sometime amazon checks the website and then approve your account.

3.After signing up and when you got approved from amazon you will got this panel in your amazon account.

Affiliate link promotion

Now, you got your amazon associate account and now you think that now you will get millions of dollars then that’s not that easy to make.

To make money from amazon affiliate you need to have patience.

People that shows you that you can also earn money from amazon affiliate and make you purchase their course were not telling you the hidden secrets.

That it takes time to start earning money form amazon affiliate.

Because unless and until you don’t have an audience who trust you then why should somebody will buy from your links.

Here are the 5 ways to promote your Amazon affiliate link promotion [organic + paid]:


If you had a website where you either provide information about a specific niche or product.

Or a shoulder niche where you provide some value to your audeince and you get plenty amaount of traffic.

Then you can recommend your audience your amazon affiliate product which will help then to achieve what they want.

Or you can capture their email and then push them an email telling about the product and give them a link to buy the product.

But for that you need to invest money and time to build your website drive traffic.

2.Medium and Quora

If you don’t want to invest in a website then you can also do the same with medium.com.

Where you just need to write the articles which will drive traffic to medium.com and if someone clicks on the link and purchase the product you will get your commission.

But the problem here is no one will know that how your article will perform.

Becuase if you are just writing articles to promote your link your account will be banned.

So, here also you need to build trust by providing value to medium users and if you do that then you will only see traction coming to your articles.

Same in the case of Quora because no platform want that users will go from their platforms.


As we all know now in 2021 the future is of videos because now the audience were more likely to watch a video.

Whether it’s for purchasing a product or getting any infomration about any topic.

But will anyone buy from your suggestion?

No, here also you need to have some trust on youtube, if users know about you then they will definitely buy your recommendation.

Because you had provided so much amount of value for free and they trust you because you had added value in their life.

If you had a new channel no matter you were getting views and subscribers in the starting stage it will not gonna happen.

I had a channel who recently got Youtube adsene approval but when i recommend the audeince the product no body had buyed it.


Because of trust they know me but they don’t trust me now.

5.Running ads on Facebook and Google or Youtube

This is one of the effective way to get sales or to promote your product but here you need to spend a lot amount of money.

Becuase Platfomrs like google and facebook will give you some conversions if you had optimised your ads.

But you need to try diffent types of sales page, ads copy and many more.

Through which some will work and some will not.

That’s why no option is a full proof way to earn money in short term exception are always there.

If someone says that I can make you rich through affiliate marketing in just one month then trust me guys that person is fooling you either to sell their course or to sell his services.


Where can I share my Amazon affiliate link?

You can share your amazon affiliate link in:

  • Youtube channel
  • Website
  • Through Google and facebook ads
  • Website like Quora and facebook

How much do Amazon affiliates make?

You can make millions of dollars just promoting amazon affiliate products but for that you need to work hard and at the same time it will take time.

Because you will fail to promote your products often time and after many failures and trying you will start getting results.

Do Amazon affiliate links expire?

Let’s understand this from an example:

Suppose you were placed a link in your Website or a youtube channel or any other social media platforms.

But what if a users clicks it and buys your product under 24 hours from your link you will get commission.

If he made a purchase with in 24 hours with your link then only you will get a commission.

But let say that if a user clicked through your amazon link and add the item in the cart but didn’t buy it under 24 hour window then you will not get any commission if he or she buys after 24 hours.


Affiliate link promotion isn’t that easy if you don’t have any audience or any traffic to website.

Then also there’s no gurranty that you will succeed in affiliate marketing you need to have patience and hardwork.

After a number of failures you will get to know that how to do it properly because not a single strategy will work for you.

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