Aayu and Pihu show | Biography | Real Name | Income

Aayu and Pihu show

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Aayu and Pihu show | Biography | Real Name | Income

If you are a parent and wanted that your kids or children’s will learn something on youtube which can change their bad habits into good habits.

Instead of watching entertainment videos on youtube if they watch and learn new good habits and morals then it would be a win-win situation for both kids and their parents.

So, in this article, we will tell you about a channel that can teach your children good habits and at the same time, your kids will be entertained.

Let’s get started.

Aayu and Pihu show | Biography | Real Name | Income

Youtube Channel NameAayu and Pihu show
Subscribers ( Aayu and Pihu show subscribers )14.5 million subscribers
Started inMay 9, 2017
Real name Aayu: Aayush Kalra (son)
Pihu: Prakriti Kalra (daughter)
Piyush Karla (Father)
Ruchi Karla (Mother)
Owner and founderPiyush Karla
Youtube income (How much do AAYU and PIHU show earn?)$53K  –  $847.9K per month (According to the social blade) (30 lakh rupees INR)
Lives in (Where does Aayu and pihu live)Kota Rajasthan
Email addressaayuandpihushow@gmail.com
Instagram Aayu and Pihu show Instagram
Facebook Aayu and Pihu show Facebook
Twitter Aayu and Pihu show Twitter

What is Aayu and Pihu show ?

Aayu and Pihu show is a children based youtube channel which is having more than 14.5 million subscribers. In this channel you will get to learn about ethical values in the form of family entertainment.

If you want your children to learn new ethics and give lesson to your child in childhood then you could tell your children to watch Aayu and piyu show (aayu and pihu show challenges).

The channel had been started by Aayu and pihu father in 2017 who is also the CEO of the channel who wants to send a message to all those kids who were using smartphones to run youtube and watch plenty of videos.

Till now the moral or the purpose of the channel is still the same.

Who are Aayu and Pihu?

Aayu and Pihu were the son and daughter of Piyushh Karla and Ruchi Karla from the youtube channel Aayu and Pihu show.

Who were the parents of Aayu and Pihu?

The parents of Aayu and Pihu were Piyush Karla (Father) and Ruchi Karla (Mother).

Which is the official website of the Aayu and Pihu show?

The official website of Aayu and Pihu show were: aayuandpiyushow.com

How many channels do they have?

They had 2 channels:

  1. Aayu and Pihu Show
  2. Piyush and ruchi show (2.81 million subscribers)

Which the app of Aayu and Pihu?

The app of Aayu and Pihu were: Aayu and pihu show

Are Aayu and Pihu show has a series on Amazon?

Yes, they had an entire series on Amazon prime where they had different kinds of stories videos which aren’t on youtube.

Here is the link: Amazon

Which is the Aayu and pihu show first video?

The first video of Aayu and pihu show is : Aayu and Pihu Show FIRST VIDEO – Indian Kids

What is Aayu and pihu show certificate?

The certificate of Aayu and pihu show is for the parents who want to give their child an appreciation who were following good habits for a long time


So, this is all for the Aayu and Pihu show | Biography | Real Name | Income.

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