5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free


In this article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about the 5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free.

After the pandemic happens most of the people had lost their jobs and wanted to earn money online.

So, you have found about Blogging where you can earn Lakhs of rupees per month.

But the fact is that when you type blogging on youtube you will get thousands of videos that were telling you that how to do blogging and earn money.

Even though their channel is not related to blogging but just to get views they had made videos on it.

But don’t worry about it, in this article, you will get to know the 5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free from where you can start learning to blog.

So, let’s get started.

5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free

When you open youtube and search for blogging you will get so many videos telling you that you can earn millions of dollars from blogging why because to get views.

But in this article, you will get to know the genuine creators on youtube who were teaching blogging for free.

Here are some of those youtube creators :

5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free
1. Amit Mishra
2. Learn and earn with Pavan Agrawal
3. Technical Ripon
4. Become Blogger
5. Ask Rohit

1.Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is a blogger who runs multiple blogs and websites and not only that he runs an agency in Delhi.

In his channel, you will not only get to learn about blogging but you will also get to learn topics like earning money online and digital marketing and interviews of many successful bloggers and digital marketers.

You can check out his channel:

But I have a suggestion for you if you get more secret insights then you can also purchase his course on Youtube and Blogging.

You can visit his website to learn more: Tryootech.com

2. Learn and Earn with Pava Agrawal

This man is really you can say an amazing person who left his job in TCS after 8 years and started blogging and he runs multiple blogs and youtube channels.

His main blogs were Deepawali.co.in | Deepawaliseotips.com and many more.

He’s currently running free blog reviews for new and upcoming bloggers and giving them useful insights such that they can grow the blogger’s community in India.

And the amount of knowledge this man had is amazing and we can call him an SEO Expert.

The explanation of blogging topics is very simple and a layman can easily understand that easily.

So, I highly recommend that follow this person to learn blogging for free.

3.Technical Ripon

Now we are talking about blogging but we will not take the name of Technical Ripon how this can happen.

He’s one of the most famous and underground bloggers of the Indian community who is on youtube.

Recently he had purchased a 1 crore rupees house in his surrounding with his blogging income.

So, you can imagine that how much he’s earning.

Earlier no bloggers were there who were teaching blogging on youtube then there was Ripon who had taught many people blogging.

But because he is an underground blogger he doesn’t reveal his things that much and now in 2021 he wasn’t active that much on youtube.

Still, you can learn blogging from his videos.

4.Become Blogger

If you wanted to learn to blog but had already known that there is a huge competition in blogging then this channel can help you with it.

This channel become blogger of Sachidanand will teach you and tell you some interesting ideas where you can start your blog and earn a good amount of money.

He’s a little bit different from other bloggers who were always telling you about a standard approach where the competition is high and tells you about new creative ideas.

So you can subscribe and learn from his channel.

5.Ask rohit

Ask Rohit is a channel of a highly skilled coder or developer who doesn’t do the standard blogging he mostly concentrates on developing tools websites and earning money from it.

In his channel, you can learn about different types of website ideas who were doing blogging and earning money.

So, these are some of the best 5 channels where you can purely learn blogging from scratch for free.

These rankings were not on the basis of their subscribers or any criteria.

But le time tell you that there are many channels on youtube that were telling you that they were SEO experts and selling courses so don’t trust them.

A person who runs ads to sell their course can’t be a blogger he’s a marketer.


So, this is all for the 5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free.

If you wanted to know more about youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube mini.

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5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free
5 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Blogging For Free