Youtube shorts: How to earn money through youtube shorts?

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In today’s article, we will be sharing with you some interesting facts about youtube shorts and how you can use youtube shorts to grow your channel and earn money.

In youtube mini, you will get this type of latest and interesting facts and much more about youtube and other social media platforms.

So, lets’ get started.

What is youtube shorts?

Youtube short is a feature of youtube where you can make short videos for your channel which is the same as Tiktok videos.

After youtube recognised that not all people like to watch long videos and they want to get information or entertainment in a short span of time like TikTok.

They had released this update on their platform.

A study had found that the attention span time of a user is just 8 Seconds.

So, engaging a user in long videos were difficult so that’s why youtube had launched youtube shorts.

What are the benefits of youtube shorts for creators? | Youtube shorts benefits

If you are a creator then you should know the potential of shorts because in the upcoming time youtube can be a platform like TikTok.

Because youtube had recognised that shorts or you can say short videos like TikTok were the future of content.

So, if you are a creator here are the benefits of youtube shorts:

1.It helps you to grow your channel.

With the help of youtube shorts, you can grow your channel because shorts will not be only visible to your current subscribers but to all those people who show interest in your content.

So, if you are just started youtube make sure you provide more value in your shorts and not only that based upon your channel content you should make short videos.

At the start of your youtube channel, it will give you a huge boost for your channel.

2.Youtube shorts can help you make money.

As I had done research on it on my other youtube channel where I had grown the entire channel with the help of youtube shorts.

After completing 1k subs and 4000 hours of watch time.

You can earn money from youtube shorts.

Here’s how you can earn money through youtube shorts:

After you had completed the criteria or milestone of youtube monetisation you need to turn on the monetisation on all your youtube videos and shorts.

Then you will see these options in your monetisation tab.

youtube shorts

Then you will see that in my channel I got most of the money from display ads in my shorts videos which I can’t reveal sorry for that.

But there’s a condition here:

The more your audience watch your videos on the big screen users like laptop and tablets the more chances are there that you will earn more money from it.

youtube shorts

If your audience watches your videos more on the big screen then it will give you more income but that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money if your channel videos were watched from mobile.

You will earn less amount of money as compared to channels whose audience is watching videos on the big screen because in that case Display ads, overlay ads and sponsored cards will be shown more.

When you will earn money from shorts? | Can I earn money from youtube shorts?

Yes, you can earn money from youtube shorts but Youtube shorts are monetised but there’s a condition which is when someone watches your videos coming into your channel or your channel got in the home feed suggestions.

Then only you will get ads running in your channel otherwise no ads will run on your channel.

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How to make money from youtube shorts? | How to make money through youtube shorts?

To make money from Youtube shorts there are multiple ways:

1. Shorts Fund

It’s a fund given by youtube itself whenever your video gets viral or get a good amount of views there are no criteria of getting a youtube shorts fund it can be given to you even if your channel isn’t monetised.

2. Monetisation

You can earn money when your shorts were watched from a youtube home page or app home feed then only your shorts will be monetised.

Other wise if it’s being watched from the shorts section then you will only get views and subscribers.

3. Affiliate marketing

When you make product based shorts and when it get views then not all viewer will click but some of them click and buy and if you are targeting US people then you will get more benefit.

Related questions:

Is a video filter available in youtube shorts?

Currently, on shorts, there are no filters available on youtube but you will get music and text option on youtube shorts.

Youtube shorts video kaise upload karte hai?

To upload short videos on youtube follow these simple steps :

  1. Open your youtube app in your mobile.

2. Click on the ” + ” icon in the middle of your youtube app.

3. Then there will be an option ” Create a short” click on it.

4. And upload the short video which you want to upload.

How to enable monetisation in youtube shorts?

To enable monetisation in shorts follows these simple steps:

  1. After uploading your video by clicking on the ” + ” icon and selecting the ” Create a short” option.

2. If your channel got fulfil the criteria of youtube monetisation you will get a monetisation option.

3. Turn on the monetisation “on” and select the type of ads that you want to display in your videos.

Kya youtube shorts monetise Hoga?

If your channel videos are mostly watched by big screens like laptops and tablets then you can earn money from it but if your channel is mostly viewed by mobile users then you will earn money but it will be way less than other channels that were having big screen users.

How many videos have been created in India on youtube shorts since its launch compared to how many videos were created on TikTok in India in the first fortnight since launch?

There are no specific data about India but there are specific data about the number of youtube shorts that were uploaded till now which is 3 billion youtube shorts.

For more information you can watch this video:

Which is better, TikTok or upcoming YouTube shorts?

If your country hasn’t banned Tiktok yet then TikTok will give you more reach than youtube shorts if you aren’t popular on youtube then there will be less possibility that you can get more reach.

As I had grown a youtube channel and monetised it with youtube shorts if you aren’t using a popular type of content then you will possibly get more reach on youtube.

Whereas compared to Tiktok if you are just starting then also you will get massive organic reach.

What did Pavan Agrawal blogger say about Youtube shorts in his latest blog review?

Can we upload youtube shorts from a laptop?

Yes, you can upload shorts from the laptop but it will not upload as short but when you add shorts tags in the title, description and tags then it will automatically be considered as youtube shorts by youtube.

How to grow youtube shorts? | How to viral youtube shorts?

To grow or make viral your youtube shorts there are only 2 things:

1. Creating curiosity in the starting

You will see that people who were getting their videos viral will have some kind of hook or curiosity-driven videos which you need to watch till the end to know what will happen.

2. Making people watch videos till the end

And when you make the viewer watch the video till the end then it will gain more watch time and then youtube will send the videos to more and more people in this way you will get viral your videos.

Do youtubers make money from shorts?

Yes, there are multiple ways through which you can earn money from youtube shorts which are youtube shorts fund, monetisation of the channel and affiliate marketing.

How many views on youtube shorts to get paid?

There’s no s[peicifc number of views for youtube shorts to get paid it depends upon in which way you want to earn money if you want to earn money from shorts fund then you will have to make your videos viral, or if you want to make money from youtube monetisation then more number of people should watch your videos through the home feed.

Do youtube shorts help your channel?

Yes, definitely it helps to grow your channel but in the long run, if you make shorts and normal videos in the normal videos it will harm your normal videos because viewers had come to watch shorts videos.


So, this is how you can make money through youtube shorts or add some extra money to your youtube earnings.

If you get valuable information then make sure to share this article with other people such that you can stand out from other people and provide value to other people in your community.

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