Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting?

Most of us know that many of the youtubers or bloggers were promoting Hostinger hosting not even one YouTuber or blogger were promoting other than that.

Did you know the reason behind it?

Or did you know why every big or small blogger promotes Hostinger hosting and earlier they were promoting reseller club and many other hosting companies?

So, in this article, we will tell you the reason behind it and we will also tell you that, should you need to buy Hostinger hosting?

Let’s get started.

Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting?

We all think that Hostinger hosting was reliable and secure why because most of the bloggers and youtubers were promoting it on youtube.

That’s why we think that Hostinger hosting is the best hosting provider to host your WordPress website.

But that’s not true.

Here is the reason why most of the bloggers and youtubers were promoting the Hostinger Hosting:

Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting?

It shows that youtubers were getting a 60% commission if you purchase any hosting from their affiliate link.

So, let’s say if you are purchasing an Rs.2000 hosting then the Youtuber or blogger promoting it will get Rs.1200 as commission.

That’s the only reason why youtubers and bloggers promote Hostinger hosting.


So one of the YouTuber who promotes is Amit Mishra so let’s check that if they were using Hostinger hosting on their own website or not?

For that, we used a tool called hosting checker.

Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting?

Now, you can see that they were using Amazon Cloudflare hosting which is very fast and costly.

Why not they were using Hostinger hosting if they were saying that it’s one of the best and affordable hosting.

Now, let me tell you my experience I bought a hosting and domain for one of my websites but after some time the hosting gets slow and due to which the website also load slow.

After that, I haven’t purchased hosting from Hostinger.

Even if you are just starting out and in the learning process then also you shouldn’t buy it.

Then I found one of the most reliable fast and affordable hosting companies which provides digital ocean hosting and now all my websites were hosted on it you can check it.

The name of the hosting company is Hosting spell.

Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting? | Hosting spell

And I will not give you an affiliate link you can check it on your own then buy it for your website if it seems good to you and you will also get good after-sales to chat support.

Note: If you are just a beginner then you can use Hostinger if you want to because it can’t able to handle a large amount of traffic. And most of the youtubers don’t use any Hostinger hosting.

What is the Hostinger affiliate commission rate?

The Hostinger affiliate commission rate is 60% whenever you make a sale from your affiliate link.


So, this is all for Why Do Youtubers Promote Hostinger Hosting?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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