Which is better Youtube or Spotify to listen to songs or music?


In today’s article we will talk about Which is better Youtube or Spotify to listen to songs or music?

And give you a detailed answer about the question.

So, let’s get started.

First of all we need to understand that both Youtube and Spotify were different platforms.

One is video platform and another is purely a music listening platform.

But as we all know with technology youtube is improving it’s venture to more areas so they had introduced to Youtube music.

Normally also you can use Youtube to listen songs like i do.

Which is better Youtube or Spotify to listen to songs or music?

Which is better Youtube or Spotify to listen to songs or music?

Youtube is better than Spotify because on Youtube you will get mostly skippable ads on videos while are you listening to music and we can easily skip them. But when come to Spotify there’s no option to skip a song before listening to a song we need to listen to the ad for break free music.

And after every 2-3 song we got an ad if we were listening to music we don’t want that after every 2-3 song we will listen to ads that’s why I prefer mostly youtube while listening to music because there is a control in our hand.

Yes, there are some disadvantages of using Youtube for listening to music which is you need to turn on your screen but you can either solve that through many apps available or you can simply put it in your pocket which will consume data.

But you can set the video quality to 144p and use it which a normal user like me can bear it but when after every 2 songs you will get ads it is more frustrating than using more data or turning on the screen.

Not only that in Spotify you will get back to back ads after 2-3 songs which is also very frustrating.

From my prespective Youtube is far more better than spotify to listen to music.

What do you think Youtube or Spotify which is better?

What are the pros and cons of Youtube vs Spotify?

Youtube Spotify
1.Less frustrating 1.More frustrating
2.Less number of ads in a video 2.Ads after every 2-3 songs (back to back)
3.Less option for different playlist 3.More options of different playlist
4.Consume more data but can be optimised 4.Consume less data
5.We have to turn our screen on 5.Not required

These are some pros and cons of using Youtube for music and Spotify for music.

Most of us doesn’t want to listen to ads but we can bear up to 1-2 ads in an entire video but we can’t bear ads when listening to music.

And nobody wants to invest money for not listening to ads in a platforms.

So, users should have control over ads either they want to listen or not.

Which Spotify doesn’t have.


So, this is the answer to the question Which is better Youtube or Spotify to listen to songs or music?

From a user perspective we had given the answer.

If you feel the same then comment down below.

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