What Is The Best Way To Advertise a Blog On Youtube?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about What Is The Best Way To Advertise a Blog On Youtube?

If you are a blogger then you also want to get traffic and make more money from your blog but how to advertise your blog when you don’t have a budget?

Then promoting a blog through youtube which doesn’t require any investment is the easiest way.

But don’t know how to advertise your blog on youtube then in this article we will tell you effective ways to promote your blog on youtube.

So, let’s get started.

What Is The Best Way To Advertise a Blog On Youtube?

There are many ways to promote or advertise your blog on youtube and here are the best ways:

1. Tell your viewers that you have a blog

If you are having a youtube channel where you are making good valuable content but you also have a blog that you wanted to promote then what you can do is tell your viewers that you had a blog in which you provide a certain type of content that can be very helpful to them.

What will happen is that if you don’t even give a link in your description people will go to google and type your blog URL and search for it.

This method is called Webmention.

Now when some of your viewers start doing it google get signals that people were searching this website through direct link means this website is genuine and authentic so it builds authority.

So, whenever you write content your content will start ranking even it’s a new website.

2. Embed your blog link in your Video description

When you tell about your blog on your youtube videos some of the people go to your blog through the direct link but someone wanted the direct link.

So, if you tell them that you can go through the link which is in the description they will click on it and go to your blog which eventually drives traffic to your blog.

And there will be chances that if constantly some people are coming to your blog through your youtube link your blog post will start ranking.

But make sure you are using reliable hosting which doesn’t get crash when you drive a huge amount of traffic to your vlog post.

So, make sure you use Reliable Hosting.

3. Make videos and blog on the same topic

To promote your blog what you can do is make youtube videos on the same topics on which you are writing on the blog.

This will rank your youtube videos on the top of Google whenever a user searches for the topic on google and when they watch the video they will get to know that you are also written the blog post.

Then some people will go through your blog which is a WIN-WIN situation for you because you had mentioned your blog in your youtube video and in your blog you had to embed your youtube videos.

So, people who were willing to watch a video will watch the video and people who want to read the article will directly go to your website.

4. Keep some points untold in your video

If you really wanted to drive traffic to your blog post then what you can do is make videos on the same topic of your blog but don’t cover all the topics in the video.

And at the last, these are only 4-5 points but if you want to get more topics or points you can visit my website.

This will send the traffic to your blog and only those viewers will come to your blog who really wanted to know about the topic.

5. Add your blog links in all the places in your youtube channel

Make sure that whenever a user or viewer visits your channel they will get to know about your blog on your youtube channel.

For example give your link in:

  • Youtube banner
  • Social links
  • Description

So, in these 5 ways, you can promote or advertise your blog on youtube.

6. Promote your blog in the community tab

When you start promoting your blogs link in the community tab then if you had a target audience it will drive traffic I personally use it from my different blogs.

This will eventually drive traffic to your new blog post which will help your blog post to rank.

But don’t overdo it because it can also reduce your channel visibility.

Important Note:

Whenever you are promoting your blog on youtube make sure that you don’t overdo it because if youtube get’s to know that you are sending viewers many times out of youtube then youtube will reduce your traffic or stop promoting your content.

So, the best way is that just talk about the blog and don’t give a link this will make youtube don’t know that viewers are going to through the link.


So, this is all for the What Is The Best Way To Advertise a Blog On Youtube?

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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