What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?


In today’s article in youtube mini, we will be talking about What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?

Because as a digital marketer who belongs to a computer science background and no prior marketing knowledge.

I am working in this field for more than 2 years and learnt a lot about this field.

So, in this article, I will share with you the best way you can learn digital marketing even if you don’t know anything about this field.

Which is the One most important thing in Digital marketing?

Practical implementation.

This one thing is the core of digital marketing there are 1000’s people who can teach you digital marketing for either paid or for free.

But nobody can make you an expert unless and until you didn’t practically implement it.

It’s not a theory subject which you will mug up and write in an exam and you will get a job or become an expert.

Unless and until you implement what you learn you will not become good in this field.

What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?

Many of you were thinking that I will tell you that join some institute and you will learn digital marketing and become an expert in it.

But it’s not true.

Because no institute or coaching will make you an expert in digital marketing no matter what they claim.

Digital marketing is an ocean where you need to learn every day because it’s changing each and every day.

And the things that might you now learning will be outdated after the next 3 months.

So, here are the best ways to learn digital marketing for free even if you don’t have marketing knowledge:

1.Youtube videos
2.Reading Experts blogs
3.Following people on social media
4.Implementing what you learn every day
5.Having a blog or a website

1.Youtube videos

In 2021 we all know that everybody loves to consume videos and nobody gets bored.

So, why not watch a youtube video which will give you an immense amount of knowledge.

Youtube videos are the best way to learn digital marketing for free.

Why because there are people who had made their entire career in digital marketing and living their life at their own pace.

So, if someone is sharing their knowledge which they had learnt after so many failure and so much experience.

It’s like reading a personal experience in one book which he had learnt in his 10-15 years of work.

If you are just starting out then you should prefer watching youtube videos because nobody will teach you for free with this amount of knowledge.

But here’s a thing which you need to know:

There are some people on youtube who were just fooling many people by selling their courses (not all) and attracting people by clickbait thumbnails.

So, if some will say that do this and you will start earning $1000 per month then don’t go for them.

Because they were just using human psychology to get views nothing else.

Here are some channels which you can subscribe to learn digital marketing:

1.Learn and earn with Pavan Agrawal

What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?

2.Technical Ripon

What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?

3. Satish K videos

What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?

4.Amit Mishra

What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background?

5.Become Blogger

6.Income school

2.Reading expert blogs

If you are a person who likes reading article and blogs then you can learn digital marketing.

There is one expert who I think share a good amount of knowledge in his blogs is: Brain dean (Backlinko.com)

This person shares a lot of strategies that work when you start learning SEO.

But as you know no expert will tell you their secrets so if you are just starting out then you can refer to this blog to learn about SEO and blogging.

3.Following people on social media

There are things that are restricted on youtube so if you follow your mentor in this field on their social media platforms.

Then you get to know about their life and what things they do in their life to succeed.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by DigitalPratik.eth (@digitalpratik)

And you can directly connect with them.

If you ask me which person to follow on social media then I will recommend you to follow ” Digital Pratik”.

This person is full of practicality and sharing what he actually does not only for money he shares what he learns and then applies.

He himself hadn’t any certification in digital marketing but earning lakhs of rupees per month from his clients.

4. Implementing what you learn

See, digital marketing is a field where everything changes very quickly.

So, what you are learning today will be completely outdated after a few months or even tomorrow.

And if you think that just learning digital marketing from an institute will get you a job and made you an expert then you are wrong.

As I had already told you that implementation and failure is the key to becoming good in digital marketing.

So, whatever ideas come into your mind just implement them and then see what is working and what is not.

5.Having a blog or a website

If you are new to this field of Digital marketing then you should start with a blog or website.

Either it’s may be on wordpress or in blogger.

No matter what platforms you use the only thing that matters is implementation.

Whatever you were learning in SEO implement in your articles and in your blog.

You will get to know a lot of things that your so-called Digital marketing Institute can’t teach you.


  1. I’m interested in digital marketing. What should I learn to become a digital marketer? What skills I should have? I have zero experience and knowledge but I’m eager to learn about it.

    First of all, you need to clear somethings which is you are interested in because you had seen so many people talking about digital marketing and the amount of money you can make after learning it or you are really passionate about it.

    And to become a digital marketer you need to learn a lot of kinds of stuff because digital marketing itself is an ocean in which other things like SEO, Blogging, Ads etc come.

    So, you need to know which thing you are good at.

    There are no specific skills you need because you have to learn them if you are new in this field or no one can say that do this and you will be successful.

  2. What all are the skills required for a career in Digital marketing?

    To make a career in Digital marketing there are 2 things that you need to learn is:

    1.Human behaviour (If you are working in ads and videos)
    2.Practical implementation of what you learn

  3. Do I have required technical skill for Digital Marketing?

    No, there’s no need to have any prior technical knowledge in digital marketing.

    But if you had any coding knowledge then it will definitely help you somewhere.

  4. Is it better to take a digital marketing course or do an internship directly followed by a job?

    If you don’t have any prior knowledge about Digital marketing then you have to learn either on your own or through a course.

    But when you goto any industry you will get to know that the skills that you had learnt in the course aren’t asked by the company.

    I have done an internship on SEO which is way different from what I think SEO is.

    And if you had a good amount of knowledge then you should go for an internship.

    Because nobody will hire you unless and until you have knowledge of the field and nobody is having time to teach you everything.

  5. Is digital marketing internship beneficial?

    Yes, it is beneficial because it will teach you a lot of things.

    What you learnt and what you will do in reality is different.

    And you got to know how the actual work is done.

    If someone offers you the work for even free then also do it because that free internship will teach you a lot of things that will add benefit to your career.

  6. Are certificate courses mandatory to make a career in digital marketing?

    No, In the field of digital marketing certification doesn’t matter anymore.

    Earlier it was but know everybody knows that you can get certificates even if you don’t know anything.

    They will ask you a few questions about what you had done and they will get to know you.

    So, gain more practical knowledge than focus on certifications.

    Certifications just say that you had done something that doesn’t say that you know how to do it.

  7. Are 3-month digital marketing courses enough to get a job?

    I don’t think so.

    Because in 3 months you will not gonna learn everything.

    May be You can get a job or placement of 10k-20k after doing a 3 month course but that will not guarantee that you will be in that job for a longer period of time.

    Because no company will bear you if you are a liability.

    Make sure that you implement more during that course and gain knowledge.

  8. Is a digital marketing course helpful for re-entering the job market after a career gap?

    Yes, It can be if you have practical knowledge.

    If you apply to any company they will ask you about your experience in this field.

    And if you had just done the course only nobody will hire you.

    And after this pandemic period, nobody will hire someone who had just done a course but not having experience.

    I will suggest you do something on your own get some experience and then apply for a job.

  9. Is Digital Vidya a good option for beginners to learn digital marketing? If not, what are the other options to make a career and to get a good job in digital marketing?

    If you are a beginner then doing a course from an institute will be good for you.

    But I don’t recommend you because the modules that most of the institute were teaching is outdated.

    It’s better to learn from the free sources and take courses from individuals who were already expert in it and not running the institute.


So, the conclusion is that don’t depend on any digital marketing course or institute learn on your own.

And if you think What is the best way of learning Digital Marketing with no marketing background.

Then start implementing what you learn for 90days and you will see a different you.

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    B. Outdated – Most of the courses don’t update or change their curriculum over time, leading you to learning techniques and hacks that are outdated. You might have to unlearn that later which is more difficult than learning. C. Application – Any education without application is like the class h Physics lessons that you don’t remember anymore because you never applied it. But you still remember all childhood games. Because? You guessed it, application. Most digital marketing courses teach theory and give few application opportunities.


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