Skeppy | Real Name | Age | Face Reveal | Income | Twitter

Skeppy | Real Name | Age | Face Reveal | Income | Twitter
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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Skeppy | Real Name | Age | Face Reveal | Income | Twitter

We knew him from youtube from his gameplay and wanted to know more about him.

But when we search on the web we didn’t find the information about Skeppy.

So, in this article, we will give you all the information relate to Skeppy.

Let’s get started.

Skeppy | Real Name | Age | Face Reveal | Income

Skeppy | Real Name | Age | Face Reveal | Income | Twitter
Youtube Channel Name Skeppy
Number of Channels 2 (Skeppy, Skeppyslab)
Subscribers 5.95 million subscribers
Real name (Skeppy real name) Zak Ahmed
Stared in January 16, 2015
Youtube income of Skeppy $6.6k – $105k monthly (According to the social blade)
Age 21 years (17 January 2000)
Twitter Skeppy twitter
Instagram Skeppy Instagram
Snapchat Skeppy Snapchat
Twitch Skeppy Twitch ( Skeppy live)

When does Skeppy face reveal happened?

The first time Skeppy face was revealed happen in one of his other channels that is Skeppyslab on May 9 2020.

How old skeppy is?

As we told you that he was born on 17 January 2000 so his age is 21 years old.

What’s the official merch of Skeppy?

The official Skeppy merch is: skeppyshop

You can to this website of Skeppy and get his official merch.

Which is Skeppy server?

The Skeppy server is:

And the Skeppy server IP (Skeppy Minecraft server) is:

Which is Skeppy Discord?

The Skeppy discord is: Skeppy discord

Where you can get a Skeppy texture pack or skeppy Minecraft texture packs or Skeppy skin? | Which texture pack Skeppy uses?

The Skeppy texture pack is: Skeppy Minecraft texture packs

Which theme song does Skeppy use?

The theme song or Skeppy songs were :

  • Theme Song
  • Da Pod

Where does Skeppy Live?

The famous YouTuber Skeppy lives in Clearwater, Florida, United States.

When did Skeppy meet Badyboyhalo?

There’s no specific date of when Skeppy meet Badyboyhalo but there’s a short video which was made by some of the fans of Skeppy from his social media updating his fans when he meet badboyhalo.

What does Skeppy use to edit?

Skeppy doesn’t edit his videos he himself only record his videos and he had hired a full time editor for it such that he can make more videos.

But who’s the editor and which editor he use it wasn’t disclosed by anyone.

If you are not good at editing then you can use Imovie which is a free editing software provided in Mac.

What does Skeppy Mean?

The name Skeppy means Diamond Man.


So, this is all for Skeppy | Real Name | Age | Face Reveal | Income | Twitter.

If you want to know more about Youtube then you can read our other articles on Youtube Mini.

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