[Increase Traffic] A Secret Tip From Pavan Agrawal Blogger

[Increase Tarffic] A Secret Tip From Pavan Agrawal Blogger
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In today’s post on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Pavan Agrawal blogger (Learn And Earn With Pavan Agrawal) who is the owner of Deepawali.co.in

He had shared an important and secret trick which most of the bloggers didn’t know.

And if you can use this trick you can rank your blog on as many keywords as you want.

So, let’s get started.

A Secret Tip From Pavan Agrawal Blogger (Learn and Earn With Pavan Agrawal) | | Pawan Agarwal How To Use Pipe Sign

Pawan Agarwal blogger had started reviewing blogs of other people for free.

Most of the know many bloggers who had youtube channels on youtube but we know Pavan Agrawal from another blogger that is Satish kushwaha who is the founder of Satish K videos.

He recently made a video on the top 10 high traffic Hindi blogs in which he had featured the blog of Pavan Agarwal that is Deepawali.

From there Mr Pavan Agrawal talked with Satish kushwaha and then made an interview video which is this:

After that video, Pavan Agrawal sir started his own channel on Youtube which is Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal.

Which had now reached a milestone of more than 50k subscribers and earned more than $2000 per month.

In his recent video with a 16 years old blogger, he had revealed a lot many secrets which you can get to know by watching the above youtube video.

And from that video one of the secrets which you can use if you are a blogger or YouTuber is to rank your videos on many topics or keywords you want to.

Name Pavan Agrawal
Designation SEO Expert, Blogger & Youtuber
Youtube Subscribers 75.3k subscribers
Channel Name Learn And Earn With Pawan Agrwal
Blog names Deepawali.co.in, BusinessideasHindi.com , Deepawaliseotips.com, seopageexperience.com
Earning from Youtube More than $1000 – $2000 per month

What is the SECRET of the Pavan Agrawal blogger?

We all know that google analyses all the web pages in HTML (hypertext markup language) and google don’t understand any other language.

But google understand HTML language so if you know it better then you can easily rank your videos as well as your blog post in several different keywords.

For example: Suppose you had written in your blog title about Youtube mini: a mini version of youtube and then you use this sign ” | ” which is a pipe sign and used another keyword in Hindi.

Youtube mini : a mini version of youtube | यूट्यूब मिनी: यूट्यूब का एक छोटा संस्करण

So, whenever a user search for a query on google either in Hindi or English google will take your blog post title both in Hindi or in English depending upon the user query if you had used the ” | ” pipe sign.

Pavan Agrawal blogger

As you can see in the above image that Pavan Agrawal blogger had used it very wisely in his blog Deepawali where he is ranking on both Hindi and English keywords.

And if you rank in either of the keywords then in google’s eyes your blog started gaining authority which Paavan Agrawal had gained in his blog.

So, we will start to apply this technique which is revealed by Pavan Agrawal blogger.

Related question:

1.Sir I also want to ask one question regarding this. Jaise ki aapne bola ye “|” pipe sign hota hai aur Google isko “or” ki Tarah treat Karta hai. Yadi ye pipe Mai apne article ke paragraphs M Laga Raha hu Toh Kya jab bhi ye “or” ki tarah kaam karega? Because Hindi m toh iska matlv “अल्पविराम” Hota hai jisko hum “full stop” ki jagah use karte hai.?

This is a very interesting question asked by one of our blog readers Lakshya Goyal who had commented on our blog so first of all, thank you for your valuable comment.

First of all, what we had analysed from Pawan Agrawal sir blog is that he only uses the ” | ” sign in heading only as you can see in all their blogs.

So, as we have already cleared that ” | ” sign is taken as ” or ” for Google in HTML language so that’s why Pawan sir hasn’t used it in his blog Deepawali as you can see in his blog.

If you are writing an article in 2 different languages then it’s better to use English full stop rather than ” | “.

Because it can confuse Google to analyse your content.

2.Does google takes ” | ” sign as a full stop or ” OR ” in HTML language if you had written content in Hindi?

After writing this article we had to get a lot of questions from the viewers that what if I am writing content in Hindi does google will take ” | ” full stop or ” Or ” in English.

So, our website isn’t in English so we can’t say about Hindi content.

That’s why we had analysed most of the popular blogs in Hindi like techyukti , hindime.net, shoumeloudhindi.com

Pavan Agrawal blogger
Techyukti by Satish kushwaha
Pavan Agrawal blogger
Shoutmeloud Hindi
Pavan Agrawal blogger

And what we found is amazing no one of them even one is using a pipe sign in their content.

As you can see in the images.

So, we had gone deep in the analysation process so we had found that Google can now understand 42 languages over the web.

In which Hindi is one of them and we all know that Google understands the Hindi language in its search as well as over websites.

But why are not most of the popular websites were not using Hindi full stop?

That answer can only be answered by Pawan Agrawal sir.

If they were not using it then it may be worth considering why they were not using it.

But if you are writing content both in Hindi and English mix then Google says that you can specify that this specific page or post content is either in Hindi or in English in URL.

Source: Devlopers.google.com

There can be 2 possibility :

1.Either we need to specify that what type of language we were using on our particular page or post

2.Or google consider the pipe sign as OR either it’s English or Hindi.

A valuable comment from our viewers :

नमस्कार, सबसे पहले हम आपको ये बता दे कि “पाइप” और “Full Stop” में बहुत बड़ा अंतर है। कई लोगो को ये एक जैसा इसलिए लग रहा है क्योंकि वो लोग शायद pure हिंदी में article नहीं लिख रहे है। अभी कई सारे लोग गूगल का जो गूगल इनपुट टूल्स आता है उसकी मदद से हिंदी article लिख रहे है। ओर जब इस गूगल के टूल्स का उपयोग करते है तो उसमें हिंदी वाला full stop नहीं आता है। इसलिए लोग उस full stop को लगाने के लिए उस पाइप का उपयोग करते है। अब इसमें आपको अंतर भी बता दू। तो देखिए हम यहां पर दोनों sign बता रहे है – ये है पाइप “|” और ये है Full Stop “।” थोड़ा ध्यान से देखना अंतर समझ में आ जाएगा। धन्यवाद

Full stop
Pipe sign

If you read this you will get to understand that there is a difference between a full stop in Hindi and a pipe sign so it’s a great observation from one of our viewers Vimal Dekhawat.

So, if you were writing your blog in Hindi and using full stop then there will be a difference between or sign and a full stop.


How to Participate in Pawan Agarwal blog review?

To participate in Pawan Agarwal blog review you need to do the following things:

1. First actively comment on Youtube videos not to just get comments on the video but to help other people in the community.
2. Fill up the google forms in this video: youtube.
3. Join the telegram community of learning and earn with pavan Agrawal

Pavan Agarwal how To Make A Good Url?

According to pavan Agrawal to make a good or SEO optimised URL you need to follow these simple things:

1. Targeted keyword should be in your URL.
2. URL must be short and precise if you are a blog and you can make it longer if you are a news website.

Pawan Agarwal niche selection for blogs?

To select a niche for blogs you can follow these simple steps:

1. You can write on those niches or topics which you are interested in.
2. Write articles on those niches in which you had knowledge and experience it.
3. Analyse the trends and then analyse your self that can you write 100 articles on those topics.

What is the SEO page experience by Pawan Agrawal?

SEO Page Experience is one of the websites where Pavana Agrawal sir will teach how to optimise google SEO page experience to make your blog good in the eyes of google.

What is the pavan Agarwal net worth?

There is no clear estimate about the networth but from his recent videos on Youtube he had started earning 2 lakh rupees per month and not only that he had multiple blogs over internet so approximate income can’t be estimated now.


This is one of the secrets of Pavan Agrawal blogger which no one knows.

Now, if you are a blogger and wanted to rank your blog post with many keywords then you can also use this technique.

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