Osmose Technology – Real Or Fake | Can you earn money from it?

Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd

In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about Osmose Technology – Real Or Fake | Can you earn money from it?

Many of us have heard the name of Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd or Osmose technology private limited either on the web or in youtube videos.

But we really don’t know about Osmose Technology.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd or Osmose technology private limited (Osmose private limited) in detail.

Let’s get started.

Osmose Technology – Real Or Fake | Can you earn money from it?

We all want to earn money online or earn money sitting at home but the problem is we all want to earn money as quick as possible.

But the thing is that if earning money online is that much easy then nobody will be poor in this world.

Now coming back to the questions.

Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd
Osmose technology Website | Osmose technology private limited
Name of the company Osmose Technology | Osmose technology Pvt Ltd | Osmose techno | Osmose technology private limited
Started in 24 December 2019
Registered YES
Company Location Office No. 4 D/E, S.No. 17/1 B P.No. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud Pune Pune Mh 411038
Real or fake Most of the people say it’s a scam
Website www.osmosetech.com

What is Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd? (Osmose Technology Information) | Osmose Technology kya hai?

Osmose technology is a platform where you can make money online by referring to other people or making other people join you the more you join other people under you the more you make money.

So, it’s having a concept that is similar to MLM.

It’s a Pune based company (osmose technology Pvt ltd Pune) which have started on 24 December 2019 where they had officially registered the company with an annual share capital of Rs 5 lakhs.

What about the OSMOS Technology Private LTD 1180 Rs plan? Is this real or fake?

When you join the company the registration is free but if you want to earn money from it you need to have a membership which will cost you around Rs.1178 approx Rs.1180.

And that you will not get back because that’s the investment to the company to start earning from the company methods.

Then you need to make join other people like MLM under you and there are 10 levels where when you make join more number of people the more you’re earning will be increased.

But the problem here is that in MLM you will get a commission whenever someone under you or anyone under your reference will join you will get a commission.

But not in the case of Osmose technology here you will get a commission when you will only join someone under you.

It means let’s say you have joined 10 people then you will get a commission of only 10 people not for all the people who were under those 10 people.

What is Pikflick by Osmose technology? | Osmose technology login app | Osmose technology app

Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd

Pikflick is a software developed by osmose technology which is also a short video base platform when you join Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd they will say that you will get Rs.20 when you use the app daily for 5-10 minutes.

Because the app contains ads that are the reason why they were encouraging you to use this app and there’s no confirmation that you will get Rs.20 daily.

Is Osmose Technology fake or real? | Osmose technology scam | (osmose technology private limited)

Now, the company website is totally shut down and there are many bad reviews on Youtube as well on other platforms and many people say that the amount company takes by each person seems to be low but the actual fact is that very few people make that much of money back from the company.

So, it’s a Fake and fraudulent company which have taken all the money and they just vanished and those people who were on youtube saying that it’s real were saying it because their money is also stuck and they want to earn some money from it.

Is it safe to invest money in Osmose Technology? | Is it a scam or genuine?

No, it’s isn’t safe to invest money in Osmose Technology or Osmose technology Pvt Ltd because they will say that you will earn money but there’s no legitimate proof from the company side or any reviews that someone had made money from it.

And yes it’s a Scam.

How does Osmose Technology make a profit? (Osmose Technology Business plan)

They easily make money because when you register in the company it’s totally free but then if you want to make money you have to take the membership of the company which is around Rs.1180.

So, let’s say 10,000 people had joined or taken the registration of the company then it will be around 1 crore 18 lakhs and you will not get the money back and there’s no video of who had earned their money back they had invested in.

And not only that the app they had published which all the users were using and watching ads the company is also earning money from it.

Even they are closed but still, they had made a crore in profit in just a few months.

How do I earn money from Osmose Technology?

To earn money from Osmose Technology you need to make sure that you join more and more people under it and the more you join people under you and make them purchase the membership of Rs.1178 then only you will get the commission.

What is Osmose market?

Osmose Market is a place where you can purchase a product from the e-commerce website, when you join the company you had to pay Rs. 1200 and then you will get Rs.1200 vouchers from which you can purchase the product.

And you will get this Rs.1200 back in the form of Rs.20 every day when you watch a video or use the app which is Pickfick.

But let me tell you the truth step by step:

1.Company registration

When you check the company registration you will get that the company is not registered as an MLM company or product based company.

But the company is registered as a more service-based company that provides website-related services.

2. Their e-commerce website

When you go to the website you will see that most of their social media links were either empty or suspended and they don’t have any return policy which feels genuine.

Now, talking about when you purchase a product you will not get the options to register yourself, no e-commerce platform does that.

And the website isn’t built completely, images aren’t able to load properly.

Checking the customer support there is no direct customer support.

So, overall all looking at this website as an experienced Digital Marketer no eCommerce website looks like that and no e-commerce platform was half-built if they were a registered company.

What is Osmose Shopping?

Osmose shopping is also another type of e-commerce platform which is built like a very big brands website but when you open it the information was given in mainly undigestable because the website doesn’t have any about us section and they don’t have any chat support.

And there’s no evidence that the website is genuine.

What is osmose technology login app?

There’s no app that is found on google only a website link will popup which is having no information about itself.

Which is the Osmose technology login page? | Osmose technology pvt ltd login

The login page of Osmose technology is: https://www.osmose.com/login.php

Is their any Osmose Technology wikipedia page?

No, as all this proof shows that the company is fake and all its websites, apps were fake so there’s no reason why there will be a Wikipedia page of the company.


Is Osmose Technology running or closed?

The company website is closed now but the app which they had developed is still in the app store.

What is Osmose technology Pvt Ltd owner name?

The owner name of Osmose technology Pvt Ltd was: Vikram Madhukar Patil, Vishal Sarjerao Mahind.

What is Osmose Technology login? | Osmose Technology login page

The Osmose Technology login page is now deleted because the company website is shut down and the website is redirected to somewhere else.

What is Osmose technology Pvt ltd contact number?

Earlier the website of the company didn’t have any contact number when you click on the website contact us page a pop will come up where you will get the address which is this – S. No. 17/1 Devgiri Cooperative Society, Behind Samyak Architects – Kothrud Industrial Area,
Pune, Maharashtra 411038

Other than that there is no contact number.

Is there any Osmose technology Wikipedia page?

No, there is no Wikipedia page for Osmose technology yet because Wikipedia pages were only made for those who were popular not a fraud.

What is Osmose shopping? | Osmose online shopping | osmose technology shopping

Osmose shopping or Osmose market is a website where all the products were listed like e-commerce where all the people who were joined in their company were told to buy anything from there whenever they wanted to buy something.

What is the osmose technology login page? | osmose technology pvt ltd login

The osmose technology login page is osmtechno.com


So, this is all for the Osmose Technology – Real Or Fake | Can you earn money from it?

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