[Easy Method] Make Money Online With Google Maps


In this article on Youtube Mini, we will tell you about [Easy Method] Make Money Online With Google Maps.

We all want to make money online but we are always fond of the methods through which we can make money online sitting in our home.

As we all knew that internet is full of scammers and frauds who will tell you hundreds of methods of making money online but not 1 works.

But in Youtube Mini, we will tell you only 1 way which is effective and tried methods which will definitely work if you do follow the method step by step.

So, let’s get started.

[Step By Step] Make Money Online With Google Maps | How to make money with google maps listings?

In order to make money from home with google maps or Make Money Online With Google Maps you need to just follow the simple steps:

Step 1 : Search Or Find Commerical Keywords locally or country wise (Business keywords)

1.Go to google.com and search for ” Best” or ” Top” restaurants near me (or any other business you want to target).

How to make money with google maps listings

2. Make a list of all the restaurants that were ranked from 2 positions to 5th position.

How to make money with google maps listings

3. Analyse the website, Google My business and social media accounts of all those businesses on the list.

  • You have to analyse what are the things that you can imporve in their other online platforms to get them more people to come in their business.

4. Then first offer them higher rankings in google my business at a lower price than others.

In this way you will you are offering a good service which will definitely give them results and you will gain trust from this methods.

So, in the first, you are gaining trust from those businesses and making contacts.

After that, you will make real money.

Now here are the ways through which you can make real money:

  • You have the list of all their website, social media and other channels now you have gain trust in froont of them because you have shown the result now if you pitch them to make their website, social media to get more business they will defienetly give you the money you will ask for.
  • You can easliy make $1000 per month if you manage all these things for one business.
  • And if you try this method for more than one company then skyt is the limit.

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Can people make money with google maps?

Yes, you can make money with google maps if you know good SEO and digital marketing then you can easily make $1000 dollars per month according to who you are targeting and how many businesses you were targeting.

How to make money with google maps reviews?

To make money with google maps reviews you can follow these simple steps:

1. Find a group of people who do these kinds of work (providing reviews from the real accounts in google my business) or get some friends to help you out.
2. Then contact the business which was ranking in 2-5 position and offer them reviews which will eventually boost the rankings.
3. And then pay some money to those groups or your friends and other than that remaining profit is yours.

In this way, you can make a good amount of money.

Can you make money by uploading local videos?

Yes, you can make money online while uploading local videos on youtube first start uploading videos of your local business or restaurants and different places in a short video format which will make your youtube channel grow and once you get monetised with these videos start uploading videos top 10 or top 5 best places or business in your locality videos (long videos) this will give you watch time and income.


So, this is all for the [Easy Method] Make Money Online With Google Maps.

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