How To Make Money Online With Local Listing Website Or Blog?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Make Money Online With Local Listing Website Or Blog?

We all wanted to earn money but due to some lack of resources, we can’t move to big cities or countries to make money.

But what if you can make money online while sitting in your own city giving information about your own city?

Then this article will help you To Make Money Online With Local Listing Website Or Blog?

So, let’s get started.

How To Make Money Online With Local Listing Website Or Blog?

To make money online with local listing website or blog follow these simple steps:

1. Build a WordPress website

To build a WordPress website you need to follow have some requirements:

  • Purchase a dot com domain
  • Purchase hosting from hosting spell [best and affordable hosting] if you buy hosting from other hosting company you will get higher prices but if you bought it from hosting spell the anuual price of the hosting and domain renewal will be the same in which price you had bought and you will get lowest price bets hosting.

After you had purchased the domain and hosting connect the domain and hosting with the C panel and install WordPress in it.

We will not go into the detail you can watch the entire process in this video.

2. Writing content

After that you had built up the WordPress website what you need to do is if you had plenty of money either hire a content writer (intern) or write content on your website on your own if you know how to write good articles.

Or learn from watching videos.

Write content like Best and top Place, business and analyse which business was running ads in your local area write articles on those keywords.

Or approach other businesses in the starting that you will write an article for their business in this way you will have slowly get massive data about places, business and other things about your city.

Which will eventually help local people to find things in their city.

And when visitors come to your website to read an article or know more about a place or read a review google will automatically rank your website.

3. Getting adsense approval

After writing 15-20 articles on your website and optimising your website create an account for google adsense and apply your website for adsense approval.

This will help your website to generate money from your website in the initial stage.

4. Build Social media platforms

Build every social media platform presence for your blog and website as much as possible and start posting images and videos of different places and businesses.

In this way, people will start getting to know about your website and your blog which will also drive traffic and it will eventually build authority.

5. Run advertisements

If you had some extra money then in the initial stage when nobody knows about your website or blog advertise it on Facebook ads.

Why Facebook ads because it’s cheap and effective and it will give you some traction and people will get to know about your website in the initial days.

For example:

We had built a local website in our city where we started writing articles of different cafes, restaurants and many other things and people are coming to our website.

The name of the website is Hamar36garh.

And after some time we will start earning from the website you can check the website if you want to.

Now after building all the above things for your website or blog the next question which will be coming to your mind is that how will I make money from it?

So here are the ways you will be earning money from your local website or blog:

1. Google Adsense

This will be the primary source of your earning when you had started you will not get any business to list their business on your website.

Then by displaying ads on your website, you will earn money.

And if you are getting a decent amount of traffic in the initial days let’s say 10k a month you can earn $50 a month which isn’t bad when you had started.

2. Listing business

When you start approaching business and start writing reviews on your website about places and business people will come to your website and you will start ranking in google.

Now, when you rank on google top 5 then businesses will approach you to list their business and then you can let’s say charge $50-$100 per month for the listings.

And if someone wants to have a higher ranking in the list of other businesses you can charge them more to place their business name in the top.

3. Providing services to small business

Now that you started learning more about how to rank your website or building a website you can provide the same thing for small businesses.

Like making a website, building their social media, building their google my business, SEO services and much more then you can charge around $200-$400 depending upon the business.

4. Running facebook and google ads for them

Many businesses who was earning plenty of money want people to know more about their business to get more business.

So, what you can do is offer running ads for their business.

And you can easily charge $100-$300 per month for handling and running ads for their business.

In this way, you can easily earn $1000 per month from your overall website and services you will offer but for that, you need to work hard in the initial stage.


So, this is all for the How Long Will It Take To Start Showing Ads On Your Blog?

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