In The Period Of Covid 19 What Essential Steps Do The Brands Take For Sustaining In The Market?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about In The Period Of Covid 19 What Essential Steps Do The Brands Take For Sustaining In The Market?

We all have faced many problems but when we talk about the pandemic and the major effects hits to offline business.

Because all the shops were shut down and they had faced a huge loss.

But the major problem was faced by the people who had small businesses who didn’t have a brand name in the market.

So, in this article, we will tell you what are the things which a business (small or big) needs to do in order to sustain itself in the market.

Let’s get started.

In The Period Of Covid 19 What Essential Steps Do The Brands Take For Sustaining In The Market?

Many businesses had faced the problem when they were shut down due to the pandemic.

But after the pandemic, many businesses are in loss but there is some business which has grown and sustained in the market.

So, the question arose here is what they have done differently in order to sustain in the market which not all other business was not doing.

So, here are the 2 things which those businesses had done in this pandemic in order to sustain in the market:

1.Building A Brand

Most of the businesses which were already established and very big against haven’t get affected that much after the pandemic because they had a brand or a trust in the people.

But what about small businesses or local vendors which only a few people know about.

They simply either had to face the loss and run the business or either shut down their business.

Let me clear the concept with a small example:

There are 2 shops Brand A and Brand B which were in the clothing market one had a brand in the offline market which most of the customers remember and there’s the Brand B shop which was just selling clothes in the market which didn’t have any trust in the customer’s mind.

Then after the pandemic the loyal customers who know that in this market the only branded shop I know which were best in everything like hygiene and safety which is provided by Brand A so most of the people go there.

But Brand B doesn’t have any kind of safety measures and no USP in terms of anything then who will go there.

In this way, if you are doing a small or a big business you need to build a brand in front of the customer mind such that no matter whatever happens in the world if they wanted to buy something they should come to you.

Like there are several brands of Mobile phones but still, people buy Apple phones why because it’s a brand.

Brand building can be anything like:

1.Trust the customer had in your product or service

2.The extra effort you make for your customers.

3.Solving the problem of customers when they were in huge pain.

4.Not fooling customers

2.Building the online or social presence

Now, here comes the most important thing which most of the businesses had learnt after a huge loss that they need to build their online presence.

Earlier before the pandemic every business think of that there’s no need to build their online business.

But now when their business went into loss they got to know what’s the importance of building their business online.

Still, there is a business that thinks that they don’t need it.

So, you have to build your business presence in the online world like in social media or in google.

If you look into your local business they don’t even have a website to showcase what they do not even that they don’t have a google my business that can tell their address and open and closing time.

So, here are some online media platforms which you need to have: (Own website)

2.Google My business

3.Facebook Page

4.Instagram Page

5.Youtube channel

What Are The Things Which Make Businesses Fall After Covid?

What Are The Things Which Make Businesses Fall After Covid were:

1.Not updating their business according to the new generation.

2.Not building a brand.

3.Not having a social or online presence.

4.Not solving customers queries.

How to make a small business sustain itself in the market after a situation like COVID 19?

As a small business owner you need to build and update according to the upcoming generation needs:

1.Making your business social and online presence.

2.Collaborating with micro or macro influencers in your locality.

3.Visible in each and every place you can online as well as offline.

4.Learning what big brands in your niche were doing.

5.Building a community

What Are The Benefits Which Helped Businesses After They Built An Online Presence?

There’s a term in the marketing that whichever brand ads you will see more than 7 times there are more chances that the brand will be stuck in your mind.

That’s the only reason big brands run so many ads on different mediums to such a large extent.

Here are some benefits to business in having a online presence:

1.Business can sell their product or services online.

2.People see reviews before purchasing or before going to a place so if you had a good online presence then you can boost your business growth.

3.Build a community in the online world.

4.Help in increasing the brand awareness of the business.

5.It builds trust in the customer’s mind.


So, this is all for In The Period Of Covid 19 What Essential Steps Do The Brands Take For Sustaining In The Market?

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