How To Start A Personal Stylist Business in the USA? | Personal Stylist Business Plan


In Today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How To Start A Personal Stylist Business in the USA? | Personal Stylist Business Plan

If you are a fashion enthusiast and wanted to start a personal stylist business then this article is for you in this article we will tell you about how to start a personal stylist business [step by step].

We all wanted to be our boss doing what we love to do but the main problem comes when we didn’t have a plan or someone to guide us in what we wanted to do.

But after reading this article you will get and everything which you wanted to know to start your personal stylist business and how to grow it.

So, let’s get started.

How To Start A Personal Stylist Business in the USA? | Personal Stylist USA

Don’t just start when you want to start a personal styling business.

Because there are things that you need to figure out first and then go for starting your own personal styling business.

Here are the things which you should know before starting a personal styling business:

1.Know your Market and Industry

Before starting your own personal styling business you should know that what’s happening in your industry and what are trends which you need to know about.

  • Who is your target audience?

You have to get clear about who is your target audience which means whom you want to provide your personal styling either it can be men or women.

Define what’s your target audience age because if you are targeting teenagers then you can’t earn that much money because not all teenagers were having that much paying capacity.

So, make sure you were targeting people who were earning money and interested in fashion and styling.

  • Understand what your customers need

After figuring out who is your target audience understand what they really want in fashion.

This means if they were women what kind of clothing style they like and what kind of makeup they want and so on.

And if they were men then what kind of clothing they were looking for, what kind of accessories they want, how they want to look and what’s their budget.

Either they wanted to look like film stars or look simple but stylish.

Different persons have their own needs and want so you need to understand their needs and desire.

  • Competition analysis

It’s not every time that you will compete with someone but looking at your competitors can get you a deep understanding of your niche.

So, pick 5-10 people who were already doing what you want and then analyse what are the things they were doing and getting the results.

And what their customers were liking about them.

In this way when you have analysed 5-10 competitors you got to know how you can do something unique in your market.

2. Make a plan for your business

  • What’s your expertise in the field of personal styling

We all were good at something so you also need to know that in the personal styling business what one thing you can do the best.

Either it can be Makeup, providing tips on styling, colour matching, picking up the right dress for the right occasion and so on.

  • Whom you will assit to or provide service

Now, you have got to know that in which thing you are good in personal styling now you need to know to whom you will provide services.

It can be Kids, Mom, Dad, Teenagers, influencers, celebrities and so on.

This will define how much you will earn based upon whom you will assist.

  • How much will you charge in starting

For this make a list of things which you will provide in personal styling business or services.

And in the initial stage, you need to work for free for some people to build a portfolio but after that, you need to make a rate chart which you will charge for your services.

  • From where you will start from (Offline or Online)

If you are just starting to have a low budget then you should start online because it will cost you a couple of 100 dollars and you can start your business.

But if you have a good budget then you can start your online business by starting a store in your locality.

3.Cost of starting your personal styling business

The cost of starting a business will depend upon 2 things:

  • Online

If you are starting online then you need a website where you will show your portfolios and your services to the target audience.

And if you can create content on your own about your business then you can start with your phone or hire someone who can make videos for you.

For that, you need a total of $200 – $300 for starting your website annually and if you are hiring someone to make videos for you then it depends on whom you are hiring.

So, take an average cost of $1000 dollars you can easily start your business or it can cost you low then this based upon what type of website you made and whom you hire to make content.

  • Offline

To start an offline store you need to have a local shop and when you rent a shop you need furniture, interiors design, electricity and many more.

So this can cost way more than an online store.

The cost of renting a small shop in the USA is $23 dollars per square foot so it can easily cost you $2000 – $4000 per month in rent.

And not only that after that you also need to do a lot of things.

4.Things required to start a personal styling business

  • Knowledge and experience

In this field you need to must have some experience in the personal styling field either you have worked with someone or you have some course.

Because no one will hire you or take your services if you are not good at what you do or you don’t have enough experience.

  • Content creation

You need content creation for your business it can be in any form Text, image, video and Audio.

If you are not producing content in 2021 then you can’t get clients or people’s attention for your brand or business.

So, you can start filming yourself on your own or hire someone to do it for you.

  • Makeup Artist

If you are doing complete styling then you need someone who can do make-up for your client if you can do it on your own then it’s good.

And if not then you can do a partnership with someone and pay them.

  • Clothes and Accessories

If you provide clothes on rent for occasional parties or festivals then you need different types of clothes for different occasions and must-have accessories to match them.

In this case, also you can partner with some shop who can provide you with these things on rent in the initial days.

How to promote your personal styling business? | How to market yourself as a fashion stylist?

There are 2 ways to promote your personal styling business:


Free methods are effective but will take time to get results but at the same time, the results you will get from free methods will last long.

  • Creating your own website and putting up content in it, in the form of blogs.
  • Social media content creation (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube (mainly))
  • Reaching to Social media influencers (Start with Small and then go for big )
  • Video and Text testimonials from your clinets
  • Word of mouth in your locality

2. Paid

  • Running ads for your content to get more reach or clinets (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google )
  • Sponsorships to other people to promote your business.

How to make money from your personal styling business?

To make money in the personal styling business will be a little rough because initially, you will not get as many clients as you want to.

But slowly as you grow your expertise and clients you can earn a good amount of money.

Here are the ways through which you can earn money from:

  • Paid clients (70%-80% of income will come from your clinets)
  • Content monetisation (When you start creating content on youtube after your channel is monetised you will start getting money from your channel)
  • Course (When you have stablished your self in this industry then you can make a course and earn passive income from it)
  • Ebook (You can share tips and styling tricks or hacks ebook on your website)
  • Sponsorships (When you get famous then you will start getting money to promote stuff related to your business)
  • Online consulting (You can take 30 minutes video call for your clintes in other country)


What are some of the best Personal stylist courses? | personal styling courses

Here are some of the best website which offers the best Personal stylist course:

How to become a personal stylist online?

To become a personal stylist online follow these simple steps:
1. First build your online presence and audiences on social media
2. Then pitch your services to your audiences
3. Or you can promote your services through paid ads (Facebook, Instagram, youtube and google)
4. Then provide them with online consulting through video calls.

How to market yourself as a fashion stylist?

To market yourself as a fashion stylist you need just to follow these simple and easy things:
1. Start providing information about your niche online
2. Start putting content on social media about how to do fashion and how to look, stylist
3. Start solving people problems in the fashion niche.

How to get clients as a personal stylist?

To get clients as a personal stylist you need to follow these steps:
1. First you need to build an audience for that you need to provide value which can be information, tips and tricks online.
2. Then you will start getting clients as a personal stylist.

How Much Does a personal stylist make? | How much does it cost to hire a stylist?

A personal stylist makes around 10k to 40k per month in India and in the USA you can earn from $10-$100 per hour based upon your experience and as your experience and expertise grow your income will grow gradually.

And if you want to calculate your income then you can go to this site:

Is a personal stylist worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it because hiring a personal stylist will make you look good on events or occasions because as a normal person we all don’t have proper experience in styling and when you hire a personal stylist they will give you tips and tricks based upon their expertise to make you look good and stylish and who doesn’t want to look good.

What are the benefits of having a personal stylist?

Benefits of having a Personal stylist were:
1. Look stylish
2.Imporve fashion sense
3. Improve your confidence
4. You will get more compliments on your dressing sense
5. Look good in pictures

How to become a personal stylist for celebrities?

To become a personal stylist of celebrities follow these simple steps:
1. First try to build a portfolio of your local clients
2. Then try to build a portfolio in which you have assisted as a personal stylist of social media influencers.
3. Then Approach TV celebrities or new celebs.

When you do this you will have a massive experience and huge portfolio which will help to get the personal stylist of celebrities.


So, this is all for How To Start A Personal Stylist Business in the USA? | Personal Stylist Business Plan

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