How Effective Is YouTube Marketing For Selling A Course?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be talking about How effective is YouTube marketing for selling a course?

If you are a YouTuber and willing to sell your course such that eventually you share your knowledge and experience and earn money.

Then you are also thinking that whether use paid ads on youtube or sell your course online via youtube marketing but are confused that whether using paid ads on youtube will work or youtube marketing will work.

So, in this article, we will tell you all about how effective is youtube marketing for selling a course?

Let’s get started.

How effective is YouTube marketing for selling a course?

Using paid ads on youtube also comes under youtube marketing but not all of us have that much money to spend on paid ads.

Who should spend on ads for selling a course?

Spending ads to sell a course either it’s on youtube, Facebook (META) or in google or any social media platform is profitable for those who were having a large amount of money in their pocket.

Because if your budget is let’s say $10 per day then you will barely get some sales but if you are spending $100-$200 per day then you can see the sales.

And people who had already a great amount of influence over social media can use it. why because then the audience will not feel those things as interrupting ads but when people don’t know you then they will always skip your ads on any social media considering you as a spammer or a salesman.

If you are just a beginner or intermediate on youtube who is trying to sell his course and don’t have a huge following then you should avoid using any kind of ads.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t able to sell a course without paid ads there are ways in which you can sell your course organically without spending money on ads.

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Here are some ways through which you can sell your course effectively on youtube (organically):

1. Tell your audience about your course

Most beginners or intermediate YouTubers make this mistake in that they don’t talk about their course on their own videos and do not tell anything about their course.

If you aren’t promoting your own course that shows that you yourself don’t believe in your course.

Make sure that after every alternate video you pitch your course not forcing your audience to buy it but telling them what they will get when they buy the course and what they will become after purchasing the course.

But don’t overdo it because then it will seem like you are making videos to sell your course only.

2. Collaboration (Social influence)

Now, this is one thing that most big YouTubers does when they launch a course but not many small YouTubers are doing.

Because there is a thing in social psychology called social influence which tells us that when many people talk positively about a particular thing around them.

Then you also start thinking good about the particular thing about that person or a product so that’s what most of the YouTubers do.

They make other YouTubers either collaborate when they launch their course and then tell their audience about how good is the course.

This makes other YouTubers audiences and all the people on youtube think that the course is good and the sales of the course went skyrocket.

But for this to happen you must have a good connection over youtube.

3. Make people talk about the course

It can be a review or a testimonial videos about the course which is telling about how they got results from the course the more the reviews will the more the impact of your course on people.

And also it can be your course students or people who were your fellow friends YouTubers on youtube.

So, whenever other people talk about your course people will start believing that your course is effective.

4. Freemium model

Now, if you don’t have anything from above 3 then you can do this simple model where you will get an immense amount of value for free in your youtube videos.

Which help people to achieve something or to know about something in a simpler manner.

Then you can say that if these free videos were having this much value then how much value you will get in my paid course which I have made you can check it out.

In this way, you will get the trust of the audience and have a loyal audience who will always buy from you whenever you sell something.

So, in these 4 ways, you will effectively sell your course on youtube without spending any money.

Now coming back to the question which is How effective is YouTube marketing for selling a course?

If you are having a large audience then youtube marketing either paid or organic it will be beneficial for you to sell your course but if you are not having a big audience then paid ads will only be considered as another person selling his course so in that case, you can use above 4 strategies which will be effective to sell your course organically and without spending less or nay money.


So, this is all for the How Effective Is YouTube Marketing For Selling A Course?

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