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In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be Talking about What is the care for a healthy body?

To prevent disease or to improve appearance. We each manage our health in our own way.

But you need to know that sometimes thinking and acting wrong can have negative effects.

So, in this article, we will tell you about health management methods that can bring good effects to anyone.

Let’s get started.

What is the care for a healthy body?

Before going deeper into the facts we should understand How Massage works?

aGeneral effect massage improves blood circulation in the skin and muscles, relieves the burden on the heart, and further improves and regulates blood circulation throughout the body.

When blood circulation in the skin and muscles improves, waste products from each tissue of the human body are removed and muscle fatigue is restored by supplying oxygen and nutrients necessary for muscle movement.

Now that you know the overall benefits of massage, come back to the initial question i.e Can anyone get a massage?

Yes, blood circulation in the skin noticeably improves immediately after the massage, and on the other hand, the elasticity of blood vessels improves and the resistance of peripheral blood vessels is alleviated, which has the effect of relieving the burden on the heart and improving it.

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Massage also has 6 unknown benefits.

1. Neuromuscular Effects

Neuromuscular massage therapy, also called myofascial trigger point treatment or myofascial launch, is a customized type of massage that includes the application of firm, sustained, and controlled stress over excruciating, taut bands of muscular tissue, called myofascial trigger factors, to release tension and help with blood circulation.

For example:

The pressure of a light stroking or deep-tissue massage causes the muscle fibers in your body to relax and re-establish their natural alignment. This can help reduce a strain, sprain or injury. It also encourages blood flow to the area, decreasing lactic acid build-up and inflammation (biomechanical mechanisms).

In addition, a deep tissue massage can release “trigger points,” knots that form within the muscles that cause pain and limited motion. These painful points block blood flow, and the therapist can work to remove them through massage techniques like stretching, friction and pressure. Often, these painful points are located in the neck and shoulders, although other areas such as the back can experience them too.

Studies show that massages can boost the immune system by increasing white blood cell activity, which naturally fights off bacteria, viruses and diseases. They also encourage blood flow, which helps your body eliminate toxins and excess water by excretion through the lymphatic system.

2. Effects on the intestines

Abdominal massage directly improves blood circulation in the abdomen, regulates the function of the stomach and other abdominal organs, and promotes digestion and absorption to facilitate bowel movements.

In addition, massaging the back and lower back area not only relieves clotting or tenderness caused by muscle fatigue in the area, but also improves gastrointestinal function by regulating the functions of the respiratory and blood circulation organs.

3. Effects on Blood

Mitchell stated that red blood cell counts increase after massage in healthy or anemic patients.
In case of anemia, it increases significantly 1 hour after treatment.

Schneider and Havens stated that abdominal massage without normal hand pressure consistently increases the oxygen capacity of blood cells and circulating blood.

Lucia and Pickard found that gentle but steady non-abrasive massage of rabbits' ears for 5 minutes at a rate of 25 times per minute resulted in a localized increase in platelet counts.

4. Effects on Skin

Massage physically removes aging cells in the skin epidermis, improves skin breathing, and activates the secretory activity of sebaceous glands and acids.

In other words, when the activity of the sweat glands becomes active, waste products in the human body are excreted through sweat and secretion is promoted.

5. Effects on Bones

Massage has been shown to have many benefits for people suffering from osteoporosis.
it helps reduce muscle tension which can be caused by a lack of movement or stress.
Tense muscles can put extra strain on the bones, increasing the risk of fracture or breakage.
By reducing muscle tension through massage, this risk is reduced and allows the body to move more freely.

6. Effects on Skeleton

Joints are one of the comprehensive types of bones, and massage can improve the absorption of joints, prevent various injuries, and achieve greater mobility in joints and ligaments.
Considering that the significance of joint function lies in its range of motion, the joints of massage The effect on the system is of great importance in sports practice.


So, this is all for the What is the care for a healthy body?

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