Does using Google AdSense increase the SEO rankings?


In today’s article on Youtube Mini, we will be Talking about Does using Google AdSense increase the SEO rankings?

Earning money from our niche sites or from writing about what we are passionate about is all of us dream and Google Adsense is making that possible.

But there are many misconceptions and illusions that google increase or decrease the SEO rankings.

So, in this article, we will tell you in detail and clear all the misconceptions.

Let’s get started.

Does using Google AdSense increase the SEO rankings?

Before going deeper into the facts we should understand How Google Adsense works?

Google Adsense is a product of Google which helps users or website owners to monetise their content and earn money or make a living from their website if they had a good amount of traffic. Where Google gives more than 51% of the total revenue they made.

Now you know that how google adsense works let’s come back to the initial question i.e Does using Google AdSense increase the SEO rankings?

No, Google Adsense doesn’t increase the SEO ranking because there’s no proof or a case study that Google Adsense Increases the Google search ranking even the Google Experts also had confirmed that implementing Google Adsense on your site will not help or boost your search rankings.

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But there are 3 Negative signals which Google Adsense does to your website:

1. Slows down your website

If you don’t know google ads uses Java script and the more you use javascript the more time it will take your website to load.

For example:

And as you implement ads on your website you will see that the website load speed is decreased you can check on Google Page Speed Insights.

The more ads your website had the slower it gets and if you had shared or some cheap hosting then it will slower your whole website.

Instead of that, you can use Hosting spell hosting which is very affordable and you will get the same rate whenever you renew it in future and let me tell you that you will get the lower price as compared to any other hosting company no matter whichever type of hosting you purchase.

2. Increase bounce rate

It increases your bounce rate when a user comes to your website and within 20 seconds he/she saw an ad that is relevant to them they click on it.

And when they click on your ads within 20 seconds of coming to the website your bounce rate of the website is getting increased.

And we all knew that if we had a higher bounce rate then our website is considered a low-quality website for google.

3. Lower your Rankings in search results

So, as we know that due to ads your bounce rate can be increased there are lot many chances that when you use a lot many ads on your website the user will only see ads popping up and they simply go back.

This eventually sends a bad signal to google that this website doesn’t satisfy the visitor and google will eventually lower your search rankings.

So, in these 3 ways, Google Adsense will somehow or other can harm your website ranking in google but if you smartly implement it then your ranking will not be decreased.

But you only focus on earning money by placing lot’s of ads then you will get your website to disappear from search results slowly.


So, this is all for the Does using Google AdSense increase the SEO rankings?

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