Do YouTubers get paid when someone with YouTube premium watches their videos?


In today’s article on youtube mini, we will be talking about Do YouTubers get paid when someone with YouTube premium watches their videos?

And we will give you a detailed answer on above question.

So, let’s get started.

Before answering the questions you need to understand few things.

What is Youtube Premium?

Youtube premium is a premium feature of youtube which provide ad free video to the users if they susbcribe to Youtube premium.

Not only that you will aslo get:

  • Youtube orignals
  • Youtube Music premium
  • Ad free youtube kids
  • Offline video and music playing (download and watch later)

So, in short that’s youtube premium.

Now talking about the question.

Do YouTubers get paid when someone with YouTube premium watches their videos?

Firstly understand that when a youtuber get paid on Youtube.

When a creator had completed 1000 subs and 4k hours of watch time then only the creator is applicable to earn money from youtube.

So, when a user watch a video of a creator and in between of that video a ads run so depending upon ad type the user get paid by youtube.

Do YouTubers get paid when someone with YouTube premium watches their videos?

But what if a user had a youtube premium member ship?

Will the creator get paid when a user isn’t watching any ads on thier videos?

The answer is YES, the creator get an additional amount of money whenever a user watch thier video in youtube premium.

You can consider it as additional income from youtube premium other than ads running in your channel.

Related questions:

How can I make my youtube premium cheaper?

You can make youtube premium cheaper by having a student account I had purchased youtube premium with a student id and I got youtube premium at Rs.129.

So, if you have any student id then you can also use the benefit of that.

Does Youtube Premium include paid movies?

No, it doesn’t include paid movies it will give you early access to youtube originals but for movies, you need to pay separately.

Are their movies on youtube premium?

No, there are no movies included in Youtube premium it only includes youtube originals but for movies, you had to pay separately.

Does YouTube Premium support or reduce the profits of content creators?

What i had analysed that Youtube premium will give you an extra income apart from youtube ads.

Because if you see in above image that other than ad revenue you will get a separate income from youtube premium if a user watch your content in youtube premium membership.

So, definitely it’s profitable for both the creators and the users.


So, we had covered the question in brief and in detail about what will YouTubers get paid if someone with YouTube premium watches their videos.

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