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What is a youtube mini?

Youtube mini is a website which is a mini version of a youtube website where you will get the Latest News & Updates on the Internet & Social Media.

Who am I?

My name is Ankit thakur and I live in Bhilai Chhattisgarh it’s a small town where not many carrier options were available here you will only get to opt for engineering and medical so as my parents said to me to join engineering and I had completed my computer science engineering from so-called top colleges of CG i.e BIT Durg but I have always a passion to do something big and unconventional.

I had started this blogging in class 11 but at that time I didn’t know anything about blogging so I had started with blogger because at that time Jio wasn’t there and there was not enough knowledge about blogging.

But slowly and steadily I had started learning about it but at that time I didn’t know that I can earn money through blogging.

How do I get into blogging?

In my 3rd year of engineering, I got to know about digital marketing and did vocational training in the digital marketing field.

And had done several projects for business and designed websites but what I am really fascinated about is SEO.

And from childhood, I loved writing about different things but didn’t know that I would enter this field.

Now I have more than 2 years of experience in blogging and digital marketing and I consider myself a digital marketing practitioner.


Because Digital marketing is a field where you can’t be an expert because this is a thing which constantly changes and evolves.

Not only in blogging I had a good experience with youtube and that’s how I had grown a channel from scratch to getting millions of views in just one month and got more than 5k subscribers.

I had done that by using my creative mind.

If you want to see proof you can visit my Linkedin and you will get to know about a lot many things.

I am the founder of many blogs in which Youtube mini is one of them.

How did the Youtube mini come into existence?

Youtube mini is just a creation of my creativity apart from digital marketing practitioners. I consider myself a little bit creative and that’s why I added that creativity to my blogging field.

So, I got into research and found that there are a lot many things which aren’t yet discovered on youtube.

That’s how Youtube mini was created.

So, this is all about me and my blog and how we got started on this website.